Monday, November 6, 2017

Good Morning Ocean City, MD

This is a very relaxing camp to attend in November and I so look forward to it each year.  It is well organized, food is good and hotel staff excellent.   
Good morning Ocean City, taken from my balcony looking at the beautiful sunlit beach. Above was the view this morning but clouds formed and rain will occur this evening with cooler temps tomorrow.

Have taken a few pictures and will take more of the rug show tomorrow.   Am at rug camp in a class with Betsy Reed who is a favorite primitive teacher and sells fantastic wool!!!!!!  Am so glad she is back here again.  I've been having too much fun, met new hookers and have been a silly old hooker so stay tuned to see what is shared later.  

Meanwhile I must go back having fun.  


  1. Beautiful way to start the morning, hopefully the rain stays away.


  2. Wow,,,, soundsheaven, ,,, lucky girl,,, u deserve it,,,,
    Have fun, great views!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful retreat!!! and looks wonderful

  4. Silly old hookers have more fun... Looking forward to the pictures.
    Hugs, Julia

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