Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Rug Show from Ocean City Camp

Someone commented that it was like a one woman rug show by Saundra.  I took 11 rugs which were hooked between last November until this camp.  So my presentation had two more than all of the ones below.

Was sad to see such poor participation in this year's show.  Won't bore you with mine but will show you others which were there.  The hooker of the floral below is unknown to me.
Millie Joyce hooked this #3 cut rug below and even did the fringed edge.  Not a purchased edge, but she unraveled all the foundation and did the knotting herself.  OMG!!!!!!!
Sadly I cannot remember who some of the rugs were hooked by so if any of the camp members read my blog will be happy to receive an email and give credit if you know who hooked what.  
I think the rug below was hooked by Peg Dutton, please someone correct me if I'm wrong.  Would you look at those awesome colors?  Also the blotchy antique style background appeals to me too since I love primitives and antiques.
Have no idea hooked this lighthouse wall hanging but.... it appears a spirit has connected itself to it.  Look at that huge orb on the left of the rug and showing up on the black tablecloth.  
Don't know who hooked the rugs below either, sorry.

The two rugs below were hooked by Grace Ayers.  The second one is called "Hooker's House" and a light in the attic where all the friends of the departed hooker have come to share in the bounty.

Have a good evening.



  1. Thanks for the braiding tutorial. I can never remember how Betsy does it.
    Too bad there were not more rugs in the show.

  2. Thanks for the rug show Saundra. Yes, it's too bad there was not a good turn out at the rug show, I wonder if politic has something to do with it, hehe.

    I'm amazed at the orbs in the rug pictures. Maybe the Spirits are loving the rug show.

    Just want you to know, I'm thinking of you when you get home and there's no big Ben to greet you. It makes me feel sad.
    Warm hugs Saundra.

  3. Wonderful rugs and I do like the vase of flowers and the way she did the background, as well as the colors.


  4. Hi Saundra,
    I NEVER get tired of seeing your rugs!!! They always inspire me!!!
    Really love the rug with the mottled background, too!!!
    Still keeping you in my prayers!!
    Big Heart Hugs~

  5. Oh my goodness!!! LOVE that rug hooked by Peg! Her hooking style is awesome and perfect color choices too!


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