Sunday, November 19, 2017

Partial Throw Down from Camp

Unfortunately I needed to leave camp a day early and just before the throw down of camp rugs.  So was unable to take any pictures myself.  Was hoping other camp participants might have snapped a few to send me.   Seems Cathy Clark was the only person who had taken photos.  Thanks for sending these to me Cathy.

Sorry I don't know who hooked the frogs on lily pads but will add names if someone emails me.

Also don't know who hooked the rugs above.  However, I do know  it was Lois Moore hooking the mermaid rug below.
Pumpkins were a popular design for Betsy's class and appears two were totally finished.  One at the bottom was done by Pat Harris who did hand torn strips I think.  She then started a crow mat which is partially seen in another photo below.
Cathy Clark was also working on a pumpkin rug; not sure who it was that started and finished the squirrel and way in the back is a rabbit being hooked by Cheri Reid.  
Again I don't know who hooked the rugs above.  But below is that part of a crow Pat Harris started in class.
The pumpkin mat above was started and finished by first time hooker Donna Tate-Steinbiss, Donna, you did an awesome job!!!  Then she purchased a few more patterns and wool to do them.  And started one in class ~ you go girl!

Will show you what I worked on in Betsy's class maybe tomorrow.  Haven't done a lot of hooking this week.

Happy Sunday.



  1. Wow, so many intricate designs. They all look so nice. I especially love that sweet snowman. Thanks for the update. It's so unfortunate you had to leave a day early but it just had to be so.

    I hope that you are adjusting to your new reality. I'm still adjusting every day to my new reality but it isn't easy. For some reason, I just don't seem to get back into blogging even though I have a lot of reasons to.

    Today is grey and wet and will turn colder.
    Hugs from Canada. Julia

    Take care.

  2. thank you to Cathy for sending you the photos...I enjoying seeing different types of hooking...the frogs on the lily pads are beautiful...hugs and wishes for happy memories...

  3. Donna did a terrific job on her first rug. I'm sure she will hook many more wonderful ones!

  4. What fun! I love those pumpkins- and I'm not a super huge fan of white pumpkins. Those just seem to have personality.

  5. Thanks for sharing and I hope things are getting better for you.

  6. I always love to see the throw down at the end of camp

  7. Lots of wonderful rugs, fun to see the different styles and designs.


  8. These pics are great, saundra!
    Cant wait to see urs!
    Take care,,,,♡♡


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