Sunday, November 12, 2017

More Betsy Reed Class

Betsy Reed always has something new to share at each camp.  Me thinks me needs to take more classes with her.  She had the coolest idea for pouches and zipper bags to carry hooking tools, applique pieces for projects, even makeup in the plastic bags if you so choose.  
 Above are three adorable applique bags.  Two are just wool with drawstring and one with a zipper top (on the far left).
 Above shows a larger applique container and the pot under the flower is part of a cool is that?  The below photo shows the inside which is a purchased craft zipper bag.  Then was hand stitched to the outside wool.  Next time I go to Salisbury I'll need to check out Michael's to see if they have them.
Below is a photo of Lois who is hooking a mermaid pattern.  I had so hoped to get a more completed picture of her rug at the 'throw down' but had to leave before that happened.
Below is a photo of Jeanne Benjamin (on the right) a teacher sharing our room.  I had a class with her several years ago and purchased some delightful dyed wool.  Beside her is Sibyl Osicka who wasn't teaching this time but rather enjoying the hooking family in Jeanne's class.
In all the years I've attended either the April camp or November camp I've never taken a picture of the traditional High Tea at The Dunes Hotel.  Finally, just before the 4 p.m. close I managed to get a photo of Betty getting the delicious tea.  Hey.... this isn't tea bags you can purchase because I asked.  They make this stuff themselves and it is AWESOME.  There is no need for sugar or milk, just sip and enjoy.  
If the tea by itself wasn't special enough, they also have warm scones and cookies.  Must confess I indulged just one day although I wanted a scone EVERY day.  OMG, the aroma of the scone is still lingering.
Oh, wanted to show you this delightful necklace Betsy was wearing.  She told me it was purchased on etsy even told me who sold it, but by the time I got back to my seat I'd forgotten.  Will have to ask her again.
Also forgot to post this whale pillow Betsy was working on as a demonstration, thought it was worthy of posting since she offers the pattern.  When Grace Ayers saw it she said, "I need to have one".  Grace was working on Nantucket Broom Ride in class.  Am hoping someone will send me a photo of it to show in a future post. 

Next blog post will be photos taken of how Betsy does the braided edge.  

My house is sadly quiet.. I miss my boy.



  1. Oh wow. Sometimes I think I believe in cloning - then one of me could go to work and one of me could stay home and play with fabric😊 I love that whale too.

  2. I bet you do miss your sweet boy. Always so hard after they leave us.
    I do love tea having one right now. But I would not be able to resist the scone every day.

  3. That pink bag is so cute. What a great idea. Jeanne is a great teacher. I have had her about six times and will have her again at Caraway in 2018.

  4. The mesh bags can be found online at joanns and the container store also carries them.
    That is a great idea. The class looked fun.

  5. Love the bag idea, I will have to see if I can find cheap bags and build around them, great idea, I hate doing zippers. Would love to see how the mermaid rug comes out, looks like some great projects at the camp. I feel for you, I remember when I lost my last border, he was my constant companion and i swore I wasn't getting another dog and that lasted a year, but It does get hard since we can only take him if it is dog friendly or leave him home and can't go on vacation without him.


  6. I'm like Cathy, I love my tea and would have a hard time passing on the scones.
    Warm hugs, ulia

  7. Awesome bags ,,,, great ideas!
    Thinking of you, saundra!!

  8. Hi Saundra,
    Love seeing your class pictures!! Thinking of you and sending lots of love and hugs, my friend!
    Julie xo

  9. The zipper top pouch is very clever! Betsy has such wonderful ideas.
    I look forward to reading about the braided edge. I have seen her explain it but of course don't remember how to butt the edges.
    Thinking of you at this difficult time.

  10. wow ,Betsy has neat ideas !!! will have to look for a zipper bag too, would make a nice gift !
    My heart aches for you too.....

  11. I was lucky to attend a few workshops with Jeanne B. when I was just starting to hook. I adore her wool, and a rug she color planned for me is one of my earliest...and favorites. Looks like lots of fun!


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