Monday, November 13, 2017

Keeping it Light

It was a rough day for me today so will keep it light.   Will post what I remember of Betsy's braiding technique soon.  

Do you recall those wine glass pj's on a previous blog post?  At camp after dinner one evening figured it was time to use those Perfect Party Pajamas.  So decided to go to the hooking room wearing them and show the gals remaining in the classroom.  Below is me with Pat Harris.
Uh, guess you can't call me an introvert, eh?  Hey, we all need a little fun and healing in our lives.  I find rug camps a great way to heal and connect with people.  You have no idea how this woman Pat helped.... thanks Pat.  And that was BEFORE my baby boy Ben.  

I'm the one tugging at my pj bottoms to get a photo of the cocktail and wine glasses.
Thanks to everyone at camp who helped gather me together before  leaving the hotel.  And for those who have connected after.  



  1. Fun pjs but I'd freeze in short sleeves this time of year!

  2. I'm sorry you had a rough day but it will get better as time goes....You look like the life of the party with those fun PJs. It's good to let loose and not take life too seriously once in a while. You look great...
    I once was at a Church woman's group conference at a retreat centre and in the evening we had a wine party in PJS and we had a wonderful time. A bunch of old girls in PJs and a few bottles of wine can get a bit noisy after a while, we laughed well into the night.

    Hugs, Julia

  3. Know that there are folks out here who care about what troubles your heart and will send up a prayer with your name on it. And I do believe you have the right attitude. When life deals you sour grapes, make wine and wear it on your pjs 😊 What a hoot!

  4. We all have those tough days, we get through them and keep busy and find joy in the little things each day.


  5. Thinking of you, I hope today is a bit better. Difficult days, I’m sure!
    Hugs to you!❤️

  6. Love these pjs! You are adorable!
    Thinking of you,,,,♡

  7. Hi Saundra,
    Continuing to pray for you during those rough days!!
    Sending you BIG HUGS, my friend~
    Julie xo


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