Saturday, November 25, 2017

You've Been Waiting.....

....or at least think you've been waiting to see what my project was at rug camp.  Am disappointed I've not made more progress.  But life happens and will make this rug my main focus before going back to Birthday Lion.
This is a design by Lib Callaway called #227 Primitive Horse.  Lib's patterns are now being offered by Jeanne Benjamin.  I understand that Jan Cole also offers the pattern.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with family as I did.  The plus part was having left overs for future sandwiches, soups, chow mein, etc.  Oh so many more meals ahead; so that turkey is a gift that just keeps giving, and giving and giving.

Happy Saturday and hope you aren't exhausted from Black Friday marathon shopping.



  1. Love your rug and the wools you are using, that is going to be beautiful.


  2. I like that you used red for the flower(s). It pops a bit with the neutrals. Oh and can't forget turkey noodle soup - yum!

  3. wonderful rug in progress Saundra...anything with a crow...

  4. Oh, saundra,,, I love it,,, love it,,,, everytime I see a horse , I want to do one,,,,
    Better get going,,,, and do one,,,,,
    Its great,,,, thanks for sharing,,,,

  5. I love the crows and the red flower with the beige background. It really brings them out.

    I agree, leftover turkey is pretty darn good and can be used in so many way.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. Hi Saundra,
    I'm trying to play "catch up" with commenting! I LOVE this design and have never seen it before!! Love your color choices, too!! Am happy you mentioned the places where it is available!! So happy you had a lovely Thanksgiving and like you, we are enjoying the turkey and fixins again and again!!
    Take care and enjoy hooking that rug!
    Heart Hugs~


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