Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Chaos Continues

Just before attending Ocean City rug camp my wool room was rather organized.  BUT.....the chaotic mess has started again.

It began when returning home from camp.  In the burlap tote below is my wool and in-progress Birthday Lion rug which was my project to work on the night before class began.  The tote was a gift to everyone in class by Betsy.  Thank you Betsy!

Then I plopped the container of wool taken to camp and to the left of that is washed remnants recently purchased from Heaven's To Betsy.  Like I need more wool, but hey, it is fun to have those little extra pieces of wool you may not have tried yet.
Below on my cutting/drawing table is wool being used for the present project from camp.  It is in a heap and not folded to see what is there.  After this post will go fold at least the wool on my table so I can find the what is needed.
And here is the rug which needs some hooking attention.  Luckily my son is cooking Thanksgiving dinner so will have a fantastic meal with family without all the mess in MY kitchen.  Greg will cook the dinner, I'll take two pies, then my DIL and I will clean up the kitchen.  Easy peasy.  Right after dinner my sweet DIL & her sister will do the marathon shopping spree.  I plan coming home to hook with a glass of wine.
Hope to show you a complete photo of the rug in progress after Thanksgiving.  Besides, everyone will be busy so won't have time to read blogs.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone.



  1. Nice bag! I am glad someone else makes a mess when they hook I have wool every where I will try a color and then not like it and leave it to get another.
    happy thanksgiving

  2. Every rug hooker worth her wool know that hooking a rug is messy so you are not alone. I haven't hooked because my life has been just too busy lately. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. lol. It's an organized mess.

    Nice that you don't have to do the cooking. Enjoy your family dinner.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. oh the joy of Betsys remnant bundles...I resisted this year with so much wool on hand...in a hooking slump so definitely don't need more...love the look of a messy wool collection...

  4. Oh, but there is such beauty in chaos. Isn't wool delicious? Anxious to see the finished project (last pix.). And what is that little red "book" with yellow star? Yes, I'm nosy 😊

  5. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to seeing your rug in process.

  6. I look forward to seeing your rug.
    Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you are doing ok. My heart breaks for you.

  7. I need to organize my wool and do some dying, but will have to wait. Sounds like you have a nice Thanksgiving planned with your family, have a wonderful time.


  8. Love ur stuff!!
    I have too many on the go,,, hence much mess!!
    Cant wait to see yr mat!
    Happy thanksgivjng!


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