Saturday, November 11, 2017

Happier Times at Rug Camp

Time to turn my mood to something more positive and remember the fun of rug camp before having to leave.  But first would like to thank all those gals (and Eric) who helped gather my class equipment while I checked out of the hotel room.  Also, thank you all for the condolence emails.  I personally responded to those who I could reach, but thanks to the No-Reply bloggers who also sent warm messages.  Okay, now to the fun part.

This was a class with Betsy Reed who is standing in the back making her rounds.
Below is a picture with Cathy and Donna chatting.   This was Donna's very first rug camp and first experience hooking.  Her sister Pat is in the grey hoodie.  Sometimes other hotel guests would hear all the laughter and venture into the room.  Whereupon Donna proudly said it was her first time rug hooking and..."if she could do it anybody can".  Donna did a fantastic job and completed her first piece.  She started her second and even purchased some patterns and wool from Betsy to have something to do during the winter.  You go Donna!!!!! 
Betsy had some new items which I  hadn't seen at her last camp I attended; love this chicken pillow.
And here is a view of the patchwork back with wool applique eggs and embroidered patch EGGS. 
A house pillow, and wouldn't that make a great housewarming gift to someone or even for you?
If you think the front was cool, just look at the patchwork back.
The Scardy Cat pattern had to come home with me and added to the pattern stash.  Think I'll hook it as a mat for Halloween decoration instead of a pillow.
An elephant pillow....uh, think this pattern is already in my my stash too.
Look how well defined this basket and flowers pattern is hooked.  Wonderful on my blog but even better in person.
Cute Halloween Hat pillow by Betsy.
A pumpkin pillow with a proddy edge.
A Tree of Life rug design.
Another primitve and cute pattern of Betsy's with a braided edge.  I have never taken the time to do a braided edge but think the time is getting near.
I love the primitive dull colors in this star mat Betsy hooked.  It is a rather sizable mat and could be a small floor rug.  Sorry the carpet in the room is so distracting
And the back of the star mat believes those were the wools used to hook the star too.
Since Blogger is doing strange things I  must have used up all the space for photos on this post.  There's more to share so will be sure to do another post soon.



  1. Wow !!! So many neat patterns Betsy has !!!! I just love how she finishes the back neat !!! Have to check out her website ! Had to be lots of fun there . A Happy post !!!

  2. Betsy always has fun patterns and wonderful finishes.

  3. Glad you had so much fun while you were there. I hope you are doing ok now.

  4. I'm so glad you went to the rug camp and had so much fun even those the circumstances were less than normal... Betsy's pillow patterns are remarkable and I love how she adds interest in the back as well.

    I'm still very mindful of your loss. You are a real trooper Saundra. This is certainly not easy to go through, no matter what.
    I hope all the love you get will help ease the burden ahead.
    Love, hugs, Julia

  5. Such fun and wonderful pieces. Always nice to be with a new hooker and all of the excitement.

  6. Oh what fun. I'm thinking a rug hooking camp needs to be on my to-do list. 😊

  7. I love to see all the rugs and pieces that are being made in class, lots of fun ones, I do like the idea of making sculpted items.


  8. Wow,,, love thexe fun pillows!
    Awesome pics, thanks,,,
    Still thinking of you , am sure u will have sad and hapoy thoughts of ur boy!!
    Looking forward to more pics!!

  9. I have just found your blog, and am really enjoying the pictures of your rugs. They are really great. When you say "hooking", do you mean locker hooking or latch hooking? It looks more like locker hooking, which is what I've done (some), but I wasn't sure since you don't photograph the medium sticking out. Understandable.


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