Sunday, February 25, 2018

Finally Finished

Nope, not finished with 1909 Horse ~ finally done with Spike.  Yesterday's post showed the binding in progress but you hadn't seen the entire mat hooked.  So here it is placed on my antique school desk.
This is an antique adaptation.  It is drawn small since my friend Evelyn wanted one measuring 14 x 20.   Below is a back view with the gathered edge cotton binding.  Looks tidy don't ya think?  There are a few puckers but much nicer than seeing folds.  Eventually I think the cotton binding will soften out and puckers won't be noticed.  Besides, it will be underneath anyway.
This drizzly day I did some hooking on 1909 Horse but happily had another pattern order to do so that will ship tomorrow.  It is a smaller size (28 x 40) for this design.
Happy Sunday.



  1. I love the hit and miss border on Spike.

  2. Spike looks great! I like the little studs on his collar. You actually seemed to finish him pretty quickly (I think anyways.). The back looks so nice - remind me to hide mine if you look 😋

  3. Sweet mat and great finishing, saundra!
    I found my tape,,,, but its a dull pink,,, and doesnt go with small wall hanging,,, though,,, could overdye it,, but decided to use wool material,,, which works good , too,,, on the bias,,,,
    Will use the pinky tape next,, as doing tulips,,, in pinks and oranges, purples,,,,
    Thanks for sharing ur tips and tricks,,,,
    Love that sweet mat,,,,

  4. Spike looks good and good for you for binding it before starting another rug. You're so darn disciplined, it's almost sickening.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. Hi Saundra,
    Spike looks great on your old school desk and you did a wonderful job on the back! I noticed in your other post that it looked like you sewed the top part of the binding with wool! Is that what you did? I always love to see your various ways of finishing rugs! Also I just LOVE that other rug with all the RED!!!! It makes my heart go pitter patter!!!
    Hope you have a wonderful week!
    Heart Hugs~

  6. Spike looks great !!! Your tip about the twill tape was interesting , I never knew that either !!! Your rug looks so nice & prim !!!


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