Thursday, November 15, 2018

Horses and Hearts

Upon coming home from Ocean City rug camp thought it best to finish the rug started before attending camp ~ Horses and Hearts.  It is a design by Marion Hamm and understand it was in a crafts magazine free to use.  I purchased mine drawn on linen at Cape May rug camp 2017.  It measures 20 x 36.
You'd think I'd be back hooking my Star Geometric right now, but that would be wrong.  Someone ordered a design by Kelley Belfast and I'm so enamored with it that I've drawn one out for me to hook as well.  

Guess you'll just have to come back for a visit to see what that cute design is.

Yet another nor'easter headed this way and because of the March 2018 storm which brought down two healthy trees I'm fearful of wind and rain combinations.  Guess I should be thankful it isn't snow......yet.



  1. Love your new rug all the colors you used !!! Beautiful !!!
    Yup ...Winter has arrived , we could have several inches of the white stuff tomorrow morning !!!! I am not ready to see that !!!!

  2. love, love, love the colors in your rug.

    We got freezing rain this morning so I am making banana bread and going to sit and hook for a bit. No sense going out when you don't have to.

    Stay warm and dry and show us a bit of this tease of your new rug.

  3. You did a beautiful job on the rug and I love the different colors you choose for the horses.
    Can't wait to see what design you are doing.


  4. Awesome mat!!
    Love the horses and hearts,,,
    Such a great job,,,
    Snow, ssnow here,,, already,,, snowed all night,,, heavy wet stuff,,,
    Winter has arrived,,,,

  5. Another nice finish. Really like how the horses are different colors.


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