Saturday, December 1, 2018

Time for Antique Rugs

Will start with a rug with a center bull's eye wool and cotton hand sewn rug from around 1880.  Colors are still vivid.
With the holiday ahead the rug below is appropriate with the country folk going to church in their festive finery.  
In previous posts mentioned I'd post the front and back of rugs, when available, to show the fading.  Here is a rug by Cecile Perrault called Chariot Race.  First is the front.
And here is the back which was protected from the sun and wear.
The following rug is really interesting.  It is a floral BUT the middle base appears to have an animal or creature appearance.
Acorns and Scrolls rug next is gorgeous with the rich black, soft green and shades of tan/gold.  Measures 29 x 50 from the estate of Mary Cardin Quinn.
A Hutchinson style rug titled Chicken Stew.
This Cat rug from 1887 is an iconic image for many an antique rug.
A bird of prey sitting on a stump.  The rug measures 22 x 32 and estimated to be hooked between 1890-1930 on burlap.
Now I'm back working on the Star Geometric and hope to make a few loops tonight.



  1. These mats are amazing works of art!!!
    Love them all,,, especially the first one!
    Thanks for the show, saundra!
    Hope u got some loops pulled, ,,,
    After all the snow ,, we got rain last nite!!
    Crazy weather!
    At least it got warmer ,,, and wasnt freezing rain!!
    Getting cold again monday!!
    I am happy staying in and hooking or knitting,,,,

  2. I love the first one. I finally finished a couple of pieces I will never catch up with you but feels good to create

  3. 1887 cats has my name all over it! the acorns and scrolls is wonderful...thanks for the show...


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