Thursday, February 7, 2019

A Handy Dandy Tool

Rug camps not only provide camaraderie with like minds who are wool/hooking crazy but a great time to see what tools people are using and selling.  Also a time to try out those frames, hooks, etc. as all rug hookers are willing to let a fellow hooker try something before they jump to buy.

As you know I've been working on Lititz Hens and using as many woolie worms (noodles) as possible.  But sometimes need to cut strips of a certain color or size.  This is a great tool to see what size you have in your stash or what size you need to cut.  
This was is a metal Wool Strip Gauge purchased from Cammie Bruce one year at Cape May.  It is far more reliable than the plastic coated paper or other products which will bend or tear.  This baby won't give.  

Most times I just grab whatever random strip size is available in the color I want.  But sometimes I wonder if one #8.5 would work in a space or if two #8 strips fit better.  

The wool strip gauge costs $15 and can be purchased HERE .  While there check out Cammie's other items.

Meanwhile..... that rug in the photo is one hooked in Cammie's class.  It is a design by Bev Conway called "On the Loose"
Have a great evening and when I hear anything back from Cammie I'll let ya'll know. 



  1. Go to etsy and type in basketsofwool (all one word) and her shop will come up.
    I've never seen one of those tools before.

  2. Nice idea when you are using worms. Love your moose rug.


  3. What a great tool! Thanks for sharing, Janice

  4. I think no matter what you are doing, having good tools makes a huge difference.

  5. I have never seen a tool like that either!
    I know most of my wool worms are 6 and 8 ,, as my 2 cutters never change!
    Never use anything else , except yarns,,, handcut sweaters,,, boiled wools,,,
    Have now lots of worms ,, and need to start multiple mats or a big one to use up,,,,
    Snow storm here,,, started last nite!
    Winds,,, wild,,,
    Hope our power stays on,,,,
    And cold again,,,
    One early appt today at chiropractor, ,,, and then get home, and stay,,,,
    Hooking,,, today!
    Have a great one , saundra!
    Thanks for sharing,,,

  6. I have seen them but was not sure how much I would use it. I love going to camp so much talent and inspiration and fun

  7. That is a cool tool. My hooking is so laid back I just grab whatever widths I have cut. But the tool would be great for our group’s yearly gift exchange. Glad camp was fun! I’m gearing up for mine Monday

  8. I cannot look at Cammie's test shop until next year...will have to hook the two little patterns I purchased last year...that tool like neat though...


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