Sunday, February 10, 2019

In and Under the Weather

The state highway sprayed brine on the roads this afternoon in preparation for some white stuff and freezing temps.  Haven't heard how much will land but I don't plan on leaving the house tomorrow anyway.  Or at least hope not.

This whole week I've dealt with an intestinal bug of sorts.  I didn't have a temperature and felt sorta okay except for occasional stomach cramps and numerous trips to the potty.   If it didn't get better by tomorrow was going to visit the doctor.

Am slowly getting rid of my feed sacks; not only the decorative ones but even ones with names like Jack Frost, Layena and other company names.  Needed a break so don't have any listings this week but will go another round next Saturday. 

Put a couple small pieces on my wall next to what was there already.  Magdalena's Dog is waiting for me to reconfigure the adjoining wall to hang it and a couple other pieces.  It is fun to look at what I've hooked and not all of them I want for the floor.
I've hung my rugs in various ways.  These are actually hung using straight pins along the top and sides and works well.  This way when I want to rearrange something there is just a pin hole instead of a nail hole.

The primitive Annie doll I made several years ago and she is wearing my son's shoes from his childhood.  The heart pillow was hooked by Tonya Robel as well as that Fall Floral mat on the dough box.



  1. The rugs look wonderful, arranged that way, on the wall.
    I hope you feel better soon.


  2. good grief....feel better! so much yuck going around ~ I try to stay home as much as possible, {sans PO trips & for fetching food} what a beauteous wall of wool!

  3. Saundra,,,, hope u feel better!
    Yikes,,, so much going around here too,,,,
    And weather not helping,,,,
    Your cozy corner looks lovely,,, love all those mats on the wall,,
    Need to sort mine now,,,
    Have some hung in my hooking room and a few on main floor,,,
    Hang in there,,,,,
    Thinking of you,,,
    Another system coming here tonite into tuesday with more snow,,, and got some last nite,,,
    Take care,,,,

  4. What a lovely corner of your room. Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Your rugs look beautiful !!! The doll wearing your sons shoes is adorable !!!I use straight pins too to hang mine , it is so easy & leaves tiny holes !
    That stomach bug is going around ….hope you feel better soon !!!
    More snow & sleet heading our way too …..

  6. Love all your rugs that are hanging!
    Hoping you are feeling better today.


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