Saturday, March 12, 2016

Making Rug Labels

It was just time to print out rug labels since I had one page of information.  Of course that means that it will take another few rugs to be hooked before another sheet of 8 labels can be produced.  Well, that is since I'm cheap (thrifty).

I tried to attach a photo of the Microsoft Word document but that didn't seem to work.  Therefore I printed out my labels, trimmed them and took a photo after.  Some of the rugs for which I made a label are older rugs hooked but didn't have a date hooked in it nor another form of documentation and felt they needed one.   Some are fairly newly hooked rugs you would recognize.  If you touch the photo it will enlarge for you to see my info.
Below is the product I used.  It was purchased from Hancock Fabrics near me.  It is sold in both white and cream fabric sheets; I purchased the cream.  As you can see I wrote on the front of the package how my printer accepts this product.  To find out that info I made a mark on a sheet of paper and ran it through my printer to find out which side would be printed on.
It is not a rubbery product but a muslin.  Here is what I did to design my sheet of information.

~ Open a new document in WORD
~ Make margins the most narrow so more room for label information
~ INSERT "table" and use 2 across and start with 4 down per sheet
~ TYPE your information using your favorite font
~ COPY and PASTE a photo of the rug you choose.

Depending on the amount of information you want to give will determine how many labels you will get per page.  

After a whole page is set up and printed I save the document so the hard work and basic information is there.  All that is needed for the next round of labels is to change the information and change out the photo. That is IF you choose to put a photo on your label.  If you don't put a photo you will have more room for information.  

Sometimes I've wanted to put a picture of the original antique from which I've adapted the rug.  And then it got to be kinda nice to have a photo on the back in case sometime the rug gets damaged the person can see how it was originally.


  1. Fantastic labels! love the photo on them...

  2. Those are great! Hard to find that kind of stuff here

  3. Great labels. I still haven't tried to label my rugs. I've printed fabric on my computer for a Christmas quilt that I started a while back and totally forgot about it. That's what happens when I get too busy.

    Got another heifer calf this evening and so far it's doing well.

  4. Thanks for a great explanation. I've printed them many times but never tried adding a photo. I need to try that.
    Hugs :)

  5. I use printer fabric for some projects, should make my own labels too.
    I like the idea of having a photo and all the information and easier to fit with a printer type.


  6. very nice! ~ love the added photo for future and past reference ~

  7. Thank you so much....great explanation and they look lovely. Will be sure to give this a try.
    I have used white or beige cotton fabric attached to freezer paper and cut to paper size....that runs through the printer pretty well ...print your info on it.

  8. Sounds very complicated 😩but I love your labels!


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