Thursday, August 29, 2019

Glazer Antique Hearts Antique Adaptation Update

Here's an update on my rug progress.  Haven't used any of the newly onion skin dyed wool for this yet but will start soon ~~ I hope.
Reason for the  hesitation is that Cape May rug camp is in just 9 days and a wake-up (military jargon).  But in those 9 days I've my grandson's 16th birthday, an estimate on getting new gutters with shield protection plus another regular dental appointment.  Thankfully not surgery.

Also my grass will need cutting, cleaning up my present hooking clutter and vacuum before making room for what seems like a mother-lode of stuff for camp.   Hey, that includes snacks and wine for the room, wool, frames, cutter & blades, iPad, digital camera, chargers, rugs for the show, items to sell in the camp store, etc.

Oh, plus packing the suitcase.  But I wait until the last minute to pack that since fall is in the forecast, weather is fluctuating and now the hurricane season has amped up.  A couple days before leaving I'll check the Cape May forecast and decide.

Hunker down and hold fast Florida.



  1. I have to have a crown done on Tuesday. UGH. I sure hope that darn hurricane changes I have family and blogging friends that live down there. Another UGH for hurricanes. Hope your grandson has a great birthday! Mine turned 16 earlier this month. Janice

  2. I leave in about the same amount of days for Star Island Same here getting things ready for me to leave and make sure I have everything packed.

  3. Wow,, saundra, you will be busy!
    Loving ur mat,, looks like fun,,,
    Have a great weekend!
    Hoping east coast ok,,, yikes!

  4. I am a last minute packer - if I try to pack early I overpack. Your piece is looking great!

  5. Sounds as if you have a full schedule ahead. But it will be so worth the preparation once you get your stuff all inside and settled at rug camp!!!


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