Monday, August 19, 2019

Rug Hooking Detour (Edited Edition)

...edited edition will begin with the iPad Pencil further down.

Am taking a brief break away from Glazer Antique Hearts and make changes to a rug I hooked last year at Rugs by the Sea in Cape May.  Seems like that rug camp has taken complete control over my mind lately.  

That rug getting my attention again is a pattern named Golden in the Garden which you can read about by clicking on that link.  This is how it looked after finishing it October 2018.  I wasn't completely pleased with how my boy Ben turned out (I changed it from a Golden Retriever to a Rottweiler).  He was supposed to be a wide cut primitive but wasn't pleased with the head.  But before that challenge decided to work on the snail and make it a little more prominent.  Below is the before.
Above was the snail before and below is how the snail looks now.  Hmm the new photo looks a little washed out.  Next to tackle my boy Ben.
Rather than just ripping out any wool on Ben thought I'd use my Apple Pencil for the first time since purchasing the new iPad last year.  Am hoping this exercise will give me better direction on how to proceed.  Remember, I'm a novice at this and is my first try.

Unfortunately there isn't an exact color choice for the background.  Since Ben's head is too big for the body it is the dark wool which needs to be removed and replaced with background wool.  Thankfully I've more of that wool.  Will also have to tweak what black wool is there.

Here is the edited version.....  Here is my first experience with the Apple Pencil to see how to make changes to my boy Ben.  At first thought using the black line might help me decide what colors to pull to make the head/muzzle better.  BTW, this was before changing the snail.  This first try I felt his muzzle would be too short, too boxy and didn't represent my boy.
Second attempt at using a black line drawing on the photo thought I'd shave off a little under the muzzle.  But with the black lines on black hooking couldn't see what the results would be.
That is when I decided to use a close color to the background, alleviate the black on black to see what the face would look like with those sections removed.  
Guess if you don't have or know about the Apple iPad pencil then you don't can't grasp what I've tried to demonstrate.  There is no lead or ink in the pencil, it is a program in the newer iPads and the pencil is purchased separately.

Dear Zekes Mom and rx2Massey, thank you for your comments but because you are a NO-REPLY Blogger I was unable to respond to you personally.  There is an easy way for you to fix this, all you have to do is a search for "fix no-reply blogger".

Today I still didn't get to work on Ben and tomorrow the stitches are removed from my gum.  Sure hope I'm healed enough for those to be removed just 6 days after surgery.  



  1. Very hot day here too I hate it! It will be interesting to see what you change.

  2. An interesting technique. Will like to see the finished boy. Janice

  3. I like the snail revision and am a little confused (sorry but honest) with the pen. Will be curious to see Ben when you work on him.

  4. Interested to see what u do,,,
    Always new technology, ,,,
    Have goid day, Hope ur healing ok,,,

  5. Really like the idea of using the Apple pencil. My Rottie ,Max, had had a huge head but his snout was kind of stubby- you might try just shortening the length of Ben's.

  6. You've got me confused, too, about the changes to Ben's head. I do like the snail better.

  7. That is great how you could make changes with the pen ! Made a big difference...all this new techy stuff is pretty amazing ! Just wish I knew how to do just the basic things !!! Ha !!!

  8. Hi Saundra,
    I have been so busy of late and have lots of catching up to do in blogland! So very sorry about your surgery and I do hope that the worst of it is behind you and you can feel improvement and be pain free!! I HATE to have any kind of dental work done and when you have something go wrong, it makes that feeling even worse!!
    What a great device you have for changing up your rug and I'm sure you will be able to make the correction you are hoping for! Who thinks of these things, anyway??? Technology is pretty amazing, but oh so frustrating at times, too!
    Take care and hope you are feeling much improved!!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo


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