Thursday, August 22, 2019

Plans Deterred

Had planned to work on Ben right after the snail...but didn't happen; not yet anyway.  Will be done before Cape May for sure as I want to make the rug better to represent my boy albeit a primitive wide cut.  Instead I hooked a little more on Glazer Antique Hearts.
The pink fabric you see on the ends were sewn on to make use of a short piece of linen.  Did have another larger piece available but couldn't see cutting off and tossing several inches of linen.  So like to 'make do' by sewing on fabric where it is needed.  The height was okay, was just the width which didn't have quite 3".  Fabric made the difference so it would fit on my frame.  

I've been collecting avocado pits and freezing them until ready to use them in a dye pot.  I've never done avocado dyeing before.  Thoughts of having that accomplished before Cape May is unrealistic but am looking forward to trying it.  

Have been missing my walking to and fro to the mailbox (one mile total) but it has been so oppressively hot and humid didn't think it wise.  If I were even 50 again I'd do it but not now.



  1. Glazer hearts is coming along nicely.
    Make do...just what your last rug said :)

  2. Love the muted colors in this rug. Did you say you walk a mile back and forth to your mailbox? You must live on a large piece of land. Janice

  3. Looks great!
    Cooled off here,,,
    So much better,,,
    Hope u get relief soon,,,,

  4. Great progress on the hearts. So humid here. Looking forward to fall.


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