Saturday, August 3, 2019

Taking Wool to Rug Camp

In 39 days I'll be headed to Cape May rug camp so will need to get my wool chosen for my design soon.  Yeah, there sure is plenty to be offered by the various teachers but like to have an idea of my color choices before going.  A lot of times the teacher has an idea of a color which just makes the rug pop, and a wool I don't have.

But for now I'm trying to figure out a better way to carry my wool to class.  This is the staging area the night before heading to camp (photo taken before a previous event).
The container in the leather chair is how I carried my wool.  It is an 'under the bed' container and can roll a fat quarter or half yard and display many colors without having to layer them.  That way you can see how the colors play off one another.  But, it seems so awkward and big to disrupt my table mate to retrieve it from under the table.  Here is a close up of a container.
That black and white 'sewing machine' tote on wheels is how I carry my cutter and all the cartridges. 

My friend Deb has carried her wool in various ways so guess she was looking for the perfect way also.  Deb has rolled her wool and stood it on the end in these baskets...
She has used an IKEA bag and other containers I do not remember.
I have seen people carry their wool in a suitcase which could then be put under the table on its end and retrieved via the handle.  But then I wonder if all the wool would be in a jumble eventually.

If anyone has the perfect solution or ideas not mentioned here, I'd love to hear from you. 



  1. Wow ….lots of wool to take with you that you need ! That huge blue bag from Ikea sure holds a lot !!! Would be nice to have something with wheels though, how about a wagon the canvas kind that folds up , or collapsible wheel barrel ….??????

  2. 35 days until I leave for Star Island I have to take a boat over to an island so I have to be very careful of how I carry things last time it was rough and we had to drag all of our stuff inside. I have a duffel bag with wheels this year for the most of it makes it easier to pull it along the dirt path.

  3. 39 days - what are you counting or something? 😂 I don't have any great solutions to your dilemma. The only thing I could think of is that they make those totes about twice the depth of the under the bed one you have. If you used one like that then put a luggage roller or one of those file box rolly things, maybe you could treat it like the suitcase but it would be clear so you could see and wouldn't have to dig too much. And that's my final answer- heehee. Have fun choosing colors!

  4. Dont go to many longer rug camps,,, only a weekend one now,,,, but used to wheel in a suitcase,,, small one,, used to work ok,,
    Sure do like to take my wools but always end up buying more!!
    Take care,,,


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