Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Wool Pulled

Rugs By the Sea in Cape May will start in a few weeks.  My class is the first week with two other camp sessions the following weeks with different teachers.  Thought I'd better pull wool for the project now that I had a suitable container.  

A picture of the first (bottom) layer.  Couldn't make up my mind on the greens for the trees, leaves and ground so pulled several different.  Also couldn't make up my mind on the color(s) for the sun.  Will probably end up buying something else (as if I need any  more wool 😑) since Kris probably has the perfect piece.  Oops, I don't see any purple, hope I remember to put some in.
This is the top layer with the pattern placed in the middle.  Not sure if I want red shutters with brown house or red house with dark shutters.  Or maybe an old mustard  house with red shutters.   Can you see the variety of choices I'm taking for the chicken?  So glad I've got Kris to help me think thru things. 
Another reason I've pulled wool so early is I'm not sure how I'll feel as I'm having dental surgery on a front tooth tomorrow at 3.  It is a repeat of a dental surgery I had done about 50 years ago called an APICO.  I had a cyst which needed to be cut out.  Don't worry, that link above isn't realistically graphic but explains what is involved.  

I'll  have stitches along the gum line in the front close to where the root end would be.  Last time I was instructed by the dentist to not sneeze as the cyst removal was near my sinus.  This new endodontis said he thought the area of question was a cyst.  Hmm, came back.  The stitches are to be removed in about two weeks ~ that won't be fun either.   But thankfully will be done before Cape May.

Having gone thru this same procedure in my 20's I'm aware of what is going to happen but medical science has evolved since then.  Bad thing is...uh, I know what's going to happen.

Am making chicken rice soup with small amount of chicken because I'll not feel like chewing and will need some sort of sustenance.  Probably NOT be able to sleep worth a darn tonight.



  1. Oh boy Saundra ...that does not sound like fun at all !!! Your wool selection looks so pretty & the carrier looks perfect ! You might be on a liquid diet for a few days ...hope your mouth heals fast & won't be as bad as you remember ! Hooking will take your mind of your mouth hopefully !! Good Luck !!!

  2. So sorry you have to go through that ick but you will be ok I am sure.
    love the colors you have chosen.

  3. Love seeing your wool selections. Will enjoy seeing your project and how you bring it to life.

    I totally get the not sleeping part. I am having a filling and two molars extracted at the end of the month and I am a basket case already. The words " dental procedures " puts my heart into overdrive. Good luck

  4. You are so efficient. I am leaving tomorrow morn for Niagara Falls and am still not packed. Typical me.
    Hopefully there have been great advances since your procedure 50 years ago. Here's to speedy healing :)

  5. Yikes!
    Hope all goes well today!
    Love how you have packed!!
    Take it easy!

  6. Dont sound fun to me. Hope all goes well with your dental procedure. Loving the wool you have chosen so far for camp. Janice


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