Saturday, August 17, 2019

Glazer Antique Hearts Adaptation & Post-Op

Have been busy lately getting prepared for the dreaded dental surgery (making soup, grocery shopping so people don't see the me 'after', etc).  So not a lot of loops have been pulled on my latest project Glazer Antique Hearts.  Here is my progress so far; I've taken two photos with different settings.
If you click on the photos one will show a more up close picture.
Am trying to use as many worms as possible but some blues and caramel colors aren't quite what the original looks like.  But as my last project said:
As for post-OP, the first night was quite painful and don't think I slept at all.  Yes, was given a prescription for pain meds which I did NOT take.  I'm of the belief that pain is the body's warning system that something isn't right and has been infected.  

If I'd masked the pain I wouldn't know if there was a real problem other than my body being invaded by scalpel, drills, etc.  Personally I want to know if my body is healing naturally.  If the pain does not subside naturally then something went wrong.  

I'm still swollen and look as though I had a nose and lip job that was botched big time.  Am taking antibiotics for the infection, using ice packs for swelling and rinsing with warm salt water for healing.  It wasn't a cyst after all but a sample of the infection was sent to the lab so should know next week when the stitches are removed.

Jennie said she thought implants would last forever.  This was a crown and former Apico which was done about 50 years ago.  So it did last a long time.  The crown is still there so perhaps the old dental amalgam or whatever was put inside deteriorated and caused the infection.  

Sadly, the Endodontist said the tooth next door will soon need attention and that I should NOT eat corn on the cob unless it is cut off the cob.  Oh CRAP, corn on the cob and garden tomatoes are one of my summer staples.  Guess not this year.

Happy Saturday folks.



  1. Yikes! Been thinking of you,,,
    Not nice,,,
    I know what u mean, about not taking pain pills!! You are a amazing woman!
    Hope it feel better soon,
    Love what u have done on ur mat!!

  2. Happy the surgery is behind you. Here's to a speedy recovery. I hear wine is a good painkiller...wink, wink.
    I'd say you've pulled a lot of loops already.

  3. Hope you feel better soon , your rug is looking beautiful ! Freeze some corn & make tomato sauce while you sleep to enjoy when you feel better ! Like you will feel up to making those ...Ha !!!

  4. Hope you feel better soon sounds painful. I hate the dentist and the cost of it is awful


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