Wednesday, August 28, 2019

It's Been A While.... Antique Rug Show

It has been a while since posting antique rugs and thought you might enjoy seeing some of those vs an update of the Glazer Antique Hearts.  

First up is a 1900s Barnyard with Turkey, Hen and Rooster.  Measurements are 19 x 36.
I like the rug and it reminds me so much of another which I've shown before and is on my long list to hook.  Couldn't quickly find the photo so will update the post if and when I find it.

Antique 5 point star center with diamond border 33 x 70.
A primitive Ram with hit and &  miss background , red and blue bird with blue anchored corners. 
Bowl of Flowers measures 18 x 36, straighted hooking but no date or provenance.
Below is a Dapple Grey Horse with neutral colors and straighted hooking style again.  Hooked 19th century and measures 22 x 39.
Sweet Goose and Goslings hooked rug from 19th century mesures 24 x 32.

A rug using no wool, only clothing.  A good use of value and only a guess the center motif is a flower and perhaps a bird on the bottom left.  Nevertheless, the woman made herself a nice rug using what they had.
Another Horse with a Man from 1920 measures 18 x 34.  The background is amazingly clean.
Not an antique but definitely worthy of posting is this Whaler rug by Edyth O'Neill.  Story is Edyth drew and starting hooking it but with the size ended having problems with her hands.  So friend beside her finished up some sections for her.
 Floral with Birds from Cape Cod home 1879.
The back of the Floral.
There ya have it.  Tried to find an antique hooked rug with a paisley design but was unsuccessful.  Did see many newer designs being offered by folks; one name I remember seeing was from Encompassing Designs.



  1. Love that Bowl of Flowers!
    Edyth's rug is stunning. What a shame she can no longer hook, but at least she can paint (wow!) and dress her dolls. I want to be like her when I grow up :)

  2. That whale rug is just amazing! Love the rest too! Janice

  3. yep the whale rug is amazing. Love looking at the old rugs great inspiration

  4. Fun mats!
    Thanks saundra!
    Hope u have great day,,,


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