Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Bits of This and That

Guess it's no surprise I've started a new project; here is a sneak peak of  a small section.  Am sure you will be able to decide what I'm working on just from this.
Yesterday I started binding Lancaster Barnyard during the over 2 hours spent at the eye doctor's office.  Thankfully there was the rug to work on as I do understand how doctors are dedicated to give patients the time they need and things get backed up.  I don't like it but understand.

My cataract surgery was done October and December 2016 and new glasses purchased in 2017 and have not been back to an eye doctor since.  Noticed my left eye vision is somewhat blurry and had itchy and encrusted eye lids in the morning.  Thought it time to have my eyes checked again.  

Long story short it is allergies causing the itching and crustiness.  He prescribed an over the counter eye drop which used to be a prescription and is no longer:  Zaditor.  He said it is like an antihistamine for the eye and better than some other prescription drops for the eye.  I picked it up today.  It comes in store brand names but the main ingredient is KETOTIFEN.  I purchased a Walmart brand under the label of 'itchy eye relief' or some such name but main ingredient was ketotifen.  

However......the reason for my blurry left eye is scar tissue from the cataract surgery.  The doctor who did the surgery advised me before surgery that sometimes this happens.  My right eye is fine, but the left has scar tissue.  

So far it has been a mild winter with high 50s and sometimes low 60s.  Today I took some photos of daffodils blooming in my yard and crocus have been above ground for a few days now.

When walking to the mailbox also noticed forsythia blooms and even blossoms on some trees.  Guess all that is the culprit to my recent eye itching and crustiness.  Tomorrow will be a shock to these beautiful plants but also to me.  Figured it was too good to last but it was fun while it was here.



  1. So do they do anything about the scar tissue?

  2. Recognize the new mat!♡♡
    these eyes,,,, sure need them,,,
    Glad ur weather been good,,,
    We had more snow last night,,,, par for the course!
    Take care,,,
    Ahh, spring flowers,,,,♡

  3. Look at those blooms - both on the rug and outside! 😊

  4. Love this new rug you are working !!! Hope the eye drops help , you can not be allergic to wool !!!
    What a weird Winter ….only one snow storm for us & that was in November , but we have had big snow storms in May & April & hope we don't have that happen !!! I am so looking forward to Spring !!!

  5. Hope your eyes get better. No fun having an itchy eye. Spring is around the corner, so maybe that will help too hopefully. THe sneak peek of your new rug is a another keeper. Love the muted colors thus far. Janice


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