Saturday, February 15, 2020

What Shall I HOOK Next?

At this very minute the Lancaster Barnyard is close to being done so need something on my frame soon.  Therefore it is time for me to peruse my updated list on my "to do" rugs.

This one was in my last wanna do rugs.  Love the blotchy background, neutral hit and miss borderh and primitive flowers.  It could be a small table mat, great pattern to offer and easy to hook.
Love this antique basket of flowers
Another flower design I'm interested in is this one below.  But ya notice a trend here?  I'm salivating over old gold or dirty gold colors.
The antique rug below is nice but doesn't float my boat like the ones above.  Still looking.
The Eagle, Lions and Stars rug is a great departure from the floral rugs.  It also has a regal and patriotic appeal.
Ahhhh, forgot about this antique rug of Horse and Buggy.  Just look at this beauty.  
There is also a geometric with horses in the corner.  Obviously I'm in a gold mood.
Another horse of course ~ lovely subject, blotchy border, primitive scrolls.  What's not to like?
Love birds with hearts would be a great wedding rug; it is nice but not for me to hook. For you out there looking for a wedding rug this would be great.  Of course I'd make the yellow  more into a rich gold instead of a mellow yellow.
SO what to do??  I know there is the upcoming rug camp rug which will need to be drawn and some wool dying.  But haven't decided on which rug to draw for camp yet either.  

Since Lancaster Barnyard is so close to being finished (with hooking that is, not binding) need to have something to put on the frame immediately.  Surely don't want to go thru withdrawal 😁.



  1. I love the first two and the horse and sleigh but that one may be boring.
    What ever it is I am sure it will be wonderful

  2. I vote for the first one (I believe I have that pic saved, too) or the eagle :)

  3. THe first one is lovely and that buggy one is awesome! Janice

  4. Not to throw a money wrench in things, but it will soon be March. What about something with green (& gold)?
    I do like the horse with scrolls though - well, I like them all but.....

  5. Hi Saundra,
    What a hard decision!!! Too many great choices!!! Any of them will be a winner! I love them all, but if I were to choose, I would do the last one with the horse, or the Eagle!!! No matter which one you decide on, it will be GOOD!!!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  6. Love them all, too,,,
    The first one is special,,, but always love baskets with flowers!
    Have fun choosing,,,,

  7. Looking forward to seeing what you choose!


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