Sunday, February 9, 2020

Had an Idea this Morning

Immediately upon waking up I had a thought ~ it's as if someone sent it to me.  More on that later.....

April rug camp is moving in closer and had decided to hook "The Cousins".  Here's the photo:
The sketch:
I advised my teacher Cindy Irwin this was my initial plan, would be hooked in most #8 with more narrow where needed.  But confided I had concerns on getting a small green plaid for one skirt and blue plaid for the other.

A couple days later I wrote Cindy again saying I'd decided to hook the rug in sepia monochrome colors.  I've never hooked a monochrome rug before and it seemed interesting.  However did say that in case the project became too overwhelming (and camp is supposed to be fun) I'd take a back-up primitive small piece to hook.

So this morning it was as if my Mother was speaking to me from heaven.  Was reminded of two photos I adorded; one with my  mother and me on a bench and another when she was pregnant with me looking at a fishbowl.  

This one would be a challenge because the photo is so old and have never hooked translucent water in a fishbowl.
Kept looking and didn't find the original photo of us in matching plaid skirts and perhaps it is in a photo album recently loaned to my brother.  But in searching previously saved scanned photos did find this one with Mother and me on a dock.  Actually this might be even nicer to hook than the other.
Now I've a question for you who dye you have a recipe for sepia?  

You who are regular followers know I'm a fickle hooker so who knows what will go to camp with me.  Before I decide I've some sketching to do but can promise there WILL be a back up 😁.



  1. All are wonderful and all are a challenge but I love the the three cousins. such childhood innocents there. I know you will do wonderful with which ever you choose.

  2. Good luck. I draw and hate drawing people, so look forward to seeing what you do. Have fun! Janice

  3. What great ideas to hook these wonderful memories. Can't wait to see what you end up doing. Challenging your creative skills!!

  4. I LOVE sepia toned rugs from old photographs!!!

  5. Oh how absolutely special. I love the idea and that fishbowl will be a work of art! Can hardly wait to see.

  6. What challenges, ,,
    I dont do people well,,,
    Can see the grays being done,,,
    But ih I love color!
    Good luck choosing,,,

  7. This will be so special ….I would be so afraid to attempt this ….can't wait to see what you do !!!


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