Friday, February 7, 2020

Lancaster Barnyard

With all the recent Murphy's Law happenings here there hasn't been a lot of hooking done but will show what has been done.  Knowing there is a primitive black background I'm auditioning colors for the leaves and stem.

None of my wool choices I own suited me.  I'm sure Kris or Barb would have had just the perfect color.  Mine seemed either too bright or too dark.  Or the color of green didn't go with the turquoise.  The two green pieces above the rug in the first photo is what was used in the photo below.
Another choice of wool is what I placed on top of the hooked stem.  But it doesn't really look much different than what is hooked....or at least in the photo.
In the photo below is a herringbone placed on top and a tad different look.
And the picture below is the over dyed light green which might be too light unless it is used only for highlights of a leaf.  
Okay....will try to condense my troubles since last week.....

~~Washer died and as the dryer was also 25 years old bought a new one also.  The purchase happened on Friday 1/31.

~~THEN my heat went out sometime Saturday night but didn't realize until a cold house on SUPER BOWL SUNDAY.  Oh great!  Call an HVAC man on Super Bowl Sunday????

~~  Bless his heart, he did show up after his daughter's cheerleading event and got my emergency heat (propane) up and running.  Something had blown a fuse in the furnace and would come back on Monday to figure out the problem.  Which he said must have just been an electrical surge as there were no wires touching metal which would cause a short.  

~~Back to the washer/dryer......Ordered Friday and upon delivery of the washer Tuesday 2/4 the dryer had a huge dent in the front and side so refused it.  Delivery for a dryer replacement was to be Thursday 2/6 with a 4 hour window between 1:30 - 5:30 pm.  At 5 p.m. received a recorded message saying delivery now between 5- 9 p.m.

~~Immediately picked up the phone and called XPO (who our Lowes uses for delivery) and told them changed a 4 hour window into an 8 hour window and was NOT acceptable.  Continued by saying they would have to rearrange their truck because I would NOT accept anything after 7 p.m.

~~Later last night I received another recorded message saying delivery would be Monday.  Uh this was Thursday evening.  Still not acceptable.

~~ 7 a.m. this morning (Friday, 2/7) a call came in with delivery at 8:30 this morning.  

~~FYI, I haven't even spoken about the fact when the dryer was pulled away from the wall that the vent hose wasn't connected to the dryer.  No wonder it took several cycles for the clothes to finally dry.

~~and...when another contractor came in to replace the vent hose under the house (Lowes delivery doesn't do that) it was discovered a big hole in the vent hose under the house with a nest made of insulation made by...uh mice?

So I've many items needing to be addressed here at home.  This stress has caused havoc with my intestines and very tired.  Hope I get a good nights sleep as my body and brain needs a rest.



  1. OUCH..lots of problems you have been having. Hope nothing else goes wrong for you. Janice

  2. Well, thats a bummer!
    Wow,, not good service!
    Hope u get it all sorted and can relax,,, and feel better,, sometimes u have to bite the bullet,,,
    By the way, yr mat looks great,,,
    I did a brown background and love it,,,
    Take care,

  3. I hope that's the end of un-fun replacements for you. The delivery (non)schedule thing is just the pits. For us it's been the refrigerator and the water heater replaced this year. So far. Knock wood that the saying of things happen in 3s is not always true.

  4. So sorry for all your issues but just after I read this I see water pouring out from under my kitchen sink. Husband was able to fix it with a trip to the hardware store and about 5 dollars.
    Your piece is coming along.


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