Tuesday, February 4, 2020

It's That Time Again...... (updated version)

...antique rug show time.  I found some sweet and some humorous old rugs for you to enjoy.

Below is Roses and Strawberries rug hooked in 1859.  I measures  38.5 x 71.  I have always admired old gold and red combination rugs.
Hooked late 19th or early 20th century is this horse with pine trees in the corner.  The colors and design give it a western appeal, it measures 36 x 39.
Below is a country folk art rug with hit and miss border, it was hooked 1900 - 1939.  Not sure if those are horse shoe shapes with an O in the middle or some other significance.  The rug measures 20 x 40.
Below is the back side so you can see the colors didn't fade a lot.
I've often said I don't like bright colors but this one with a bright background piques my interest.  Naturally the blotchy colors of the dog and circle colors adds.  Hooked early 20th century and didn't get dimensions.
A Cow and Calf hooked rug measuring 24 x 34 and don't have a date of hooking but it is obviously old.   
Below shows the back side which shows the last rows of hooking were done thru the folded burlap sealing the edge as it was hooked.  No need for binding.  One day I want to try that.
Flowers with a tongue border hooked late 19th century and measures 19 x 37. 
This is a HOOT.  An adorable hooked piece which I think would be fun to replicate.  Named Fat Man it consists of wool and burlap, 1916 Burgessille, Ontario 29 x 40 collection of Jim and Ilona Flemming.
A view of the back.  Sorry the photo on the auction site was on the floor and on the side and I straightened the photo upright which causes the distortion.
Another cute rug is the Cat, Dog and Mouse hooked between 1880-1910 and part of the Garland Warren Americana Collection measures 20 x 33.

NOTE:  Like Gail (see her comment) my initial thought it was a kitten and not a mouse.  You can check out the listing HERE to see their wording.
You can see the true colors in what is exposed of the back.
As for my heat issue, thank God the temperatures are very mild right now on the east coast.  My HVAC guy stopped by on Sunday and preliminary investigation said there was a short in the heat pump which blew a fuse in the furnace when it went from electric heat to Stage 2 using propane.  So he replaced a fuse in the furnace which provided me with emergency heat (expensive propane) to fill the void until the repair.  

He was to come back yesterday (Monday) to figure out the problem but his daughter got sick so picked her up from school and didn't get here.  HOPEFULLY he will get here today around noon as he'd indicated.



  1. Love the fat man. Good luck with your heat

  2. Fat Man is a hoot!
    Hopefully your furnace guy showed up.

  3. Hope your heat is repaired without costing a fortune ! Always enjoy your rug shows !

  4. There were so many talented rug hookers out there then and now. My favorite is the tongue and flowers, although the fat man sure is a hoot! Hopefully your furnae will be fixed soon. Janice

  5. Awesome mats,,
    Hope ur heat is fixed,,,
    Brrr, cold here again,,,
    We use propane for heating,,,take care,
    Thanks for fun show!

  6. Hope your heat is fixed soon! That last rug - I'm not sure if that's a mouse or kitten. It's the stripes that make me wonder. Then again, realism is not always a feature of these rugs, is it? I also can't decide if it is looking at the dog or away...

  7. Not a great time of the year to be worried with HVAC issues. Thank goodness for moderate temps. The fat guy is hilarious! I love the black dog.

  8. Hi Saundra,
    Hoping your heat man can get back to you tomorrow and so happy your temps more mild than normal!! Hope his daughter feels better, too!!
    Love your rug shows as usual, but really got a kick out of "Fat Man" and that belly is too funny!!! Oh the imaginations of artists!!!
    Take care and stay warm!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo


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