Sunday, February 23, 2020


Thought it time to show you progress on the antique adaptation which I have named "Posies and Stars".  The original antique was shown on a previous blog post.  I drew this to measure 211/2  x 21 1/2.  Would make a nice big pillow or nice small mat.  I'm going for the mat as I've plenty of hooked pillows in the living room.
Am really looking forward to hooking the border but won't start that until all the central portion is finished.  Want to be sure my hooking rhythm for both parts is consistent and not broken up into segments.

Happy hooking, quilting or stitching ~ whichever floats your boat.



  1. Looking great! I actually stitched today myself and it fely good! Janice

  2. Looks like spring - yay! Guess I'm getting antsy to play in the garden.

  3. Loving what I am seeing Saundra! I particularly am loving your choice of colors in this one....those posies just pop. Hmmm.... "consistent hooking rhythm"?? Perhaps that's where I run into problems LOL... Wish I had been a bit more "consistent" on the runner I am finishing up.... Hope the new week is good to you...and you find lots of time for hooking! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. Love the colors!such a sweet mat,,,


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