Friday, February 21, 2020


I enlarge my patterns by using the PAINT program which came with the computer.  You can find it under WINDOWS Accessories.

Once you have drawn or found an image you wish to enlarge scan it or save a photo of it on your computer.  Print out the image onto one piece of paper so you can measure the dimensions….. let’s say it measures 6 ½” x 9”.  If it is a new drawing scan and crop picture close to the exterior lines and save in a document.   If it is a drawing already saved on your computer you can just follow the next step without scanning.

Hover over the document and RIGHT click, OPEN .
Then choose PRINT again, then Page Set up.  

ORIENTATION: choose if you want to print the pages in ‘portrait’ or ‘landscape’  
You can see in the diagram below it is sitting in 'landscape' format but you can select 'portrait' if you wish.  The margins are also automatically set but that will be changed as you will see.....
MARGINS: type “0” (zero) in the 4 blocks and you will see it change to its default
Next you need to determine what size you want your rug.  The copy you are working with is, as stated above, 6 ½ x 9.  If you enlarge the picture 250% you would end up with several pieces of paper which will give you a design approx. 16 ¼” x 22½ ”.  So get out your calculator and decide what percentage increase you want, or if it is a Polly Minick design the book will tell you what percentage to increase the pattern for the desired size..

Now SCALING: the Adjust To will show 100% but you will change that to the percentage of increase you want.
Select PRINT again, lay them on a table, trim the pages (I always trim the right side and bottom so the lines match), tape them together and voila.

If the print doesn’t come out dark enough I use a wide black marker to make the lines stand out.  I never use red dot anymore, I draw my exterior lines on my foundation and place the pattern below my linen, pin it and draw.

Good luck and hope this tutorial has been helpful.



  1. THANK YOU so much for these great instructions!!! Now I just need to figure out how to scan.

  2. I have a Mac at home and Dell at work. Jumping back and forth is sooo taxing on my poor little brain. I actually prefer Dell.

  3. That’s how I do it too Saundra.

  4. Yikes ….I need someone to do this for me , my computer skills are poor ...when my grand daughters are 10 they can do it in seconds !!!

  5. Hello Saundra...and Happy Saturday! Very clever use of Paint.... I love that application, but never thought of it for enlarging hooking patterns. Then again, I rarely draw my own pattern (hmmm....some will say I rarely HOOK LOL)...but I have one now that is on paper and will need to be enlarged and drawn. I think maybe that's why I didn't tackle that one yet LOL. Hope you are well... Looking forward to catching up....yet again. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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