Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Repeating an Old Tutorial

Recently on FB rug group someone mentioned hating to bind round rugs.  To be honest I don't like binding PERIOD.  But I find binding a round or oval rug easier than manipulating the mitered corner of a square or rectangular rug.
Were you aware there is a 'gathering thread' on every cotton binding tape?  Yup, there is.  One edge is a little more rigid than the other and that is the side which has the gathering thread.  Sometimes the thread shows itself quickly sometimes it requires gentleness and patience.  If you look below you can see how it is gathering.
First I hand sewed the straight (un-gathered) edge of the binding tape close to the last row of hooking then gently pulled on the thread so it would gather.  Carefully the gathering was worked around toward the other end.

This is what the previously bound round chair pad looked like after it had been hand sewn around the perimeter of the edge but still needed to be tacked down inside and steamed.  Remember this photo is from a previous blog post.
There might be gentle puckering even after steaming but will be a better look than huge lumps as I've seen done by those who don't know about the gathering thread.  Of course the edge could always be whipped with yarn if you so choose with no binding tape to worry about.

Another hit and miss round mat I hooked was this spiral one inspired by Karen Kahle.
Here they are together.
Will soon be done with Cat's Paw and anxious to start my new project.

Happy hooking.



  1. Good to Know !!! Another great tip !!!

  2. I've still not figured out how to find the thread, but I rarely use binding tape. I do have some so I should try, me thinks.

  3. Hurrah for binding your windy rug! You can do it - cheer cheer! :-)
    And no I didn't realize there was a gather thread - how handy.

  4. Remember someone telling me years ago about the bindi g thread!
    Makes sense!!!
    Stay well,,,,

  5. Well, it is, indeed, possible to teach an old dog...er....bird...new tricks! I rarely use tape anymore, but never realized there was a gathering thread. Then again, I rarely do anything round or oval LOL. Love the spirals in that larger mat...reminds me of a snail! ~Robin~


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