Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Lone Flower Update

This is my progress on Lone Flower using mostly worms.  Some of the #8.5 strips I've cut in half so am trying to use what colors I have.  Will cut only what I need and will look thru worms to find the colors I want first.
I'm not a packer anyway so its a struggle to hook a further distance from the last loop plus hook low.  I continue to reverse hook and try again without a lot of success.

I'm using the last of the Belgian linen so would like to draw something else on this piece to take advantage of as much space as possible.  Waste Not Want Not.  Hmm, sounds like a possible mat to me!!!!!

So before I trim off the section hooked will decide what to do next, draw it on the linen and hook all the space before any of them are bound.  Hey, sounds like a great excuse to put off binding don't ya think???

Today I was like the bulky sheep who was lost in the mountains and finally returned home and sheared.  Was never so happy to see my hairdresser as I was today ~ had a hair cut and my roots repaired.  Now if only for a tummy tuck and botox.  Not really, but would appreciate my 60 year old body a little more now that I'm even older.  Didn't realize that was as good as I was going to get 😁.

Think summer finally arrived today and think the A/C will officially be on from now till fall.  Happy Hump Day.



  1. The colors you have chosen are great together. This will be a nice simple rug. Sounds like a good plan to keep hooking aother one before cutting. Janice

  2. Cute pattern Saundra and great way to use up your excess noodles. Hum....sounds like an excuse to avoid binding!! Enjoy. Donna

  3. Sweet piece I guess I will have to know more about her.

  4. I always enjoy "hearing " from you. Thanks for sharing your progress.

  5. Hi Saundra,
    I love how your rug is looking and love the colors!! I know it can be frustrating when you are trying to achieve a certain look, but your rugs always look wonderful and just reflect your hooking style!!
    Happy you got your hair cut and feel more like yourself!!! That is always such a boost!!
    Using up the leftover linen is a great idea and I'm sure you will figure out the perfect piece!!!
    Hope you enjoy the day and like we, we have on our AC pretty much all the time now!! 111 today!!! You know where I will be!!!!!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  6. Love how this matt is coming along ! Nice you won't have to do the binding for a little while !!!
    Happy hooking in the AC !!!!

  7. Looking good Saundra... ahh....I'm a packer and hook low LOL...maybe I have to investigate this technique a bit, eh? Yesterday must have been 'shearing" day....that's where I was too. Had the air on yesterday for a bit...and the day before all day...but not necessary today... Happy hooking... ~Robin~

  8. Haircut day for me tomorrow. YEAH!
    That little mat won't take you long :)

  9. Thats a sweet mat,,,
    Almost finished cats paw here!
    Summer in the garden has been calling,,,
    Stay well,
    Enjoy ur hair cut,,,


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