Saturday, July 11, 2020

All About Rugs....

..antique rugs that is.   Love this first one of a Dove carrying "welcome" banner.  Although the auction house didn't give a circa date you know it is old and worn.   Dimensions are 19 x 32.
This is the back of the rug where you can see the true colors and the word Welcome as it is faded out on the front.  
The Double Flower Baskets rug was found just recently too, no date but dimensions are 19 x 38.  Something about that color green is soothing to me.
Spotted dog on black and grey background early 20th century measures 21 x 33.5.  Love looking at antique rugs and wonder if the hooker really did run out of the grey and black so was required to use something handy.  Oh but I love old rugs!!!!!!
Spray of Flowers and kitten measures 18 x 18, hooked 19th century found in Boston and sold for $2,583.
Dulled down and worn faded rugs make my heart skip a beat.  The Moose rug was located at Brook Crossing, S Pomfret, VT.  Was said to be  hooked mid 19th century and measures 23 x 35.
Another bland but wonderful naive rug is Birds, Flowers and trees.  Auction house did not give any other information except the dimensions of 27 x 36.
Berks County Trotting Horse, hooked 19th century, measures 30 x 37.

Is this a single flower or red 4 leaf clover?  Hooked early 20th century.  Was from the estate of Kristina Barbara Johnson.  The rug measures 45 x 53.
Hope you enjoyed the show and maybe inspired to pull a few loops on something this evening.  I hook even in the summer.



  1. There is something about antique rugs. Love them! Janice

  2. Several favorites here....think that spotted dog is first in my heart....and that diminutive kitty sitting almost unnoticed by that bouquet of flowers...and the welcome dove. Some real treasures.... ~Robin~

  3. I call that “d man green” and I bet 1/4-1/3 of my wardrobe is that color 😁

  4. Great mats,,,
    Always great to see all the styles!!!

  5. Hi Saundra,
    Another great rug show!!! I find I am especially drawn to the dark backgrounds and really love the flowers with the tiny little kitten!! So sweet!! All of these rugs have a story, don't they?? Thanks for sharing them!!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  6. Oh. My. Goodness! The dove rug really captured my heart, maybe because I have a silver charm very similar to it. Reminds me of the birds that Victorians used in so much of their art. So very lovely!


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