Friday, July 3, 2020

July 4th Weekend

Since Independence Day is tomorrow I'm sure many workers have off today as a long July 4th holiday weekend.  Yet for me every day is a holiday since retiring from the 8-5 rat race.
A story about the Betsy Ross crochet flag above ~ around 1997 and driving to visit my mother I saw a yard sale and stopped.  Much to my surprise was this delightful item which the man's wife must have made.  Of course I snapped it up as it is a wonderful creative piece to be appreciated.  

The jointed mohair bear and it's clothing was made by me as was the patriotic hat.  In the vase are three purchased flags and one primitive one made by me.
At one venue in Lewes, Delaware there was a summer show and fall show.  For the summer show I always made sure to have a few differently dressed patriotic dolls.
Also made many Uncle Sam dolls during my dollmaking years.  After making a few found an easier way to make the Sam and hat a lot easier.  

I also made this Velveteen America Heart.  Hope you have a happy and safe Independence Day weekend.



  1. Happy 4th of July to you to Saundra !!!!

  2. Hi Saundra,
    I always enjoy seeing your many talents and your wonderful handmade pieces!! Great find on the flag and sweet bear, dolls, and uncle Sam!! Hope you have a safe and Happy 4th, my friend!!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  3. Great 4th of July decor. Love that heart! Hope you had a great 4th! Janice

  4. Originally I wrote too many responses regarding your interest in Barbara Merry. My apologies.
    We own 5 of her rugs. They have been mounted and hang on interior walls in our home on an island here in Maine. They aren't easy to find but once in a while with diligent may be able to purchase one. Lots to say about both Barbara herself and the style of her hooking.
    I first met her over 30 yrs ago at an ATHA biennial meeting held in Portland. Lovely in person...a bit shy at first but that goes away quickly when speaking with the same accent and kindred Yankee personalities emerge. As for her hooking style...well there are always two camps even the primitive realm. Naive and one dimensional are obvious. The choice of subjects and use of
    materials captivate you each time you view one of her designs up close. Wool...which she had in her old red barn in searsport was cut into 1/2 inch strips...not ripped like some people do today and folded in half to produce a 1/4 inch loop. No is woollies used. Keep looking on line because the brick and mortar shops that would have carried her work are very quickly disappearing here in new England. The kids of the generations behind us aren't interested in posterity. May I ask what specifically would you like to know about her rugs?
    Style, content, fabrics? Perhaps I along with others can answer those questions. Again...I wrote too much before and deleted them because I'm still learning about the internet and too much information. She is very well known to primitive rug bookers here who have been producing rugs for more than 30 yrs. The same with Stella hay rex, charlotte Stratton, Marion ham, Alice Beatty, Molly tobey, to name a few. These women were great pioneers of this craft and aren't known by many of your readers. They are the history and influenced the names of today.
    Shading was done with the use of colors and textures. Mixtures of both as that was the prevalent thought prior to people who recently have taken to not dyeing wool. Some view her work as flat and dull or describe it as too coarse. Their eye does not appreciate the texture created from not using a machine to cut strips of wool. Also the freedom of expression outside of a pattern in a one dimensional scope isn't for everyone.
    Talented...yes. Engaging on an artistic level...yes. Lovely in person and her work shows a great spirit of imagination often lost in today's rug hooking community.
    Again...think of what you want to focus on and perhaps some of us can help with answers from our various perspectives as owners of her cherished rugs.

  5. I used to make small jointed mohair bears as well....ahhhh....eons ago! The hand sewing was hard through the mohair on my hands and wrists....but I still love them so. And how I wish you still sold some of your dolls. I don't buy a whole lot anymore, but your Ladies of Liberty and Uncle Sams are some of the best I've seen!!! ~Robin~

  6. I just love your patriotic dolls! Hope you kept some for your own decorating .


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