Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Oldies But Goodies

Yes, it is time for some old rugs to strut their stuff.  I make no secret that I love antique rugs.  What does surprise me is that often they will fetch more money hooked on burlap than we rug hookers can get for our hard work hooked on linen or other more sturdy foundation.

A recently found Black Cat chair pad measuring 14 x 14.5  and said hooked in the 1900s.  Even tho a little worse for wear is still beautiful.
Bird perched on branch with hit and miss border hooked early 20th century measures 26 x 38 and from a private collection.
This floral with scrolls had no other information on it.  I do love that blotchy background.
I've had this Heart rug photo for a while and thought about saving it until next February for Valentine's Day but changed my mind.  It was hooked late 19th century and measures  23 x 46.  Questions running thru  my mind are:  was it hooked by Esther Philip for her mother, is the mother's name Esther Philip, or did the mother hook it for a couple named Esther and the male named Philip?  All sorts of combinations you could make of this and I don't know the answer.  So, Robin, will this keep you awake all night?
An oval rug with basket, flowers and hooked pastel colors.  Dimensions are 26 x 37.
Not a very good picture, sorry, Central Flower with buds extending outward was hooked late 19th or early 20th century.  No size was mentioned.
Oh be still my heart.  Now this is what I call a very naive primitive hooked rug.  No date but think the photo says it all.  If not old the person who hooked it did one hell of a job of hooking it to look antique.  Dimensions are 14 x 36.
Would like to give a warm welcome to the new folks who are 'following' my blog.  You are welcome to give input, make comments, ask questions and unless you are a No-Reply Blogger I will reply to you.

Hope these oldies have refreshed your creative juices or at least provided a little entertainment as we are still sequestered in our modest homes.



  1. That last rug is just plain F~U~N!!!

  2. These are great ! Love the Heart & Flower Basket

  3. The Floral with Scrolls is my favorite...I love the colors! I was never a "pink" fan until just recently but it is just so soft and lovely in this rug...actually the blue helps tone down the pink, me thinks!

  4. I take it as mother and her two kids. Ester and Philip. I love seeing the old rugs.

  5. Ok....I am laughing and drooling at the same time....yeah, NOT a pretty sight!! ;-) Laughing because, yes...I am sure this pondering will be thrashed through my weary brain cells for several hours tonight, BUT the first thing that popped into my head (yes, before I even saw what you had suggested) is that it is a memorial rug FOR a mother named Esther Philip...most likely by her daughter. Just a though...but, as you know, I tend to lean a bit toward the morbid side. Drooling because that last rug is just stinking amazing!!! ~Robin~

  6. Love the old Mats!
    How sweet that last One!
    Always seem drawn to flower Baskets,Too!

  7. oh! love them all.....always fun visiting your blog and especially love seeing the older rugs and following your hooking progresses :)

  8. Simply love all these 'senior' mats & ya can't help but love the last one what imagination! Your blog is wonderful, thank you

  9. Definitely the cat and mouse rug out of this group.


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