Monday, July 13, 2020


Bespectacled Lion is all hooked but still needs to be steamed and bound.  There were some changes and will talk you thru my reasons for them.   

#1 ~The strip of off-white always bothered me from the beginning.  But hooked it in because the original antique had it and I try to replicate antique rugs as closely as possible while using the wool I have.  But I replaced that with a Scottish wool which Barb Carroll was crazy about.  More about that later.

This is the BEFORE photo which was the last post on the lion's progress.  
#2 ~ There was too much bright gold on the sides so changed that out with khaki which appears in the background and blends nicely with the green.

#3  ~ there was a curved khaki piece just over the lions ear on the left and it looked out of place.  Yep, on the original but I removed and replaced with dark.

This is the AFTER.
As previously mentioned it still needs to be steamed and bound but at least I'm happier and the border is done.  And...I've moved on.

Okay, here's the story on the wool which replaced the off-white.....long story.  My roomie Deb and I have a friend who loved going to community sales.  Since she knows we are rug hookers she picks up every yardage of wool she finds.  Sweet Deb shares with me and this was among the bounty.

Before one Woolley Fox rug camp Barb wrote a note to 'bring our ugly wool'.  Well I had a piece of ugly wool and thought this was it.  Barb LOVED it.
Barb showed me how valuable it was ~ ugly or not ~ and suggested it be put in the rug a few select places.  If you look carefully you'll see the spark on the ground under the lion in the primitive circles in the folage and stems from the ground.
So you just never know how important that ugly wool might be some day.  I even sought it out when I was wanting to replace the off white.

Bespectacled Lion isn't on my web site yet but I will offer it as a pattern.  Mine was drawn out 15.5 x 24 but will draw yours to whatever size you desire.  When the rug is finally steamed and bound it will be on my web site which is below.

Happy Monday, enjoy your evening.



  1. I must say, that is U.G.L.Y wool, but it sure does work in your rugs!!!
    Great lion finish.
    I thought we were going to see what's on your frame now. I guess that will be your next post?

  2. Still teasing, eh???? ;-) Ok, then...two can play that game. (In any event, the comment might keep you guessing LOL). BBL turned out fabulously and love all your tweaks...especially the first one. I agree with my twin (surprise, surprise!) that is some ugly wool...but, as she who is always right ( ;-) ) also noted, you use it brilliantly. And Whoa! Love the Lion in the Woods!!! ~Robin~

  3. Wow! Changing out the white made a huge difference.
    Also, thanks for the link to your shop. Why have I not seen this? Will have to browse 😁

  4. I do like the white change a lot. and yes she is right sometimes one person's ugly is another person fabulous.

  5. Your changes made such a big difference ! I have a Lot of Ugly wool that my Mother had & friend's Mother had ....Hmmm better look at that pile again !!! LOL , I still won't know what to do with it !!!

  6. What a difference,,,
    To me,,,that's not ugly Wool!
    I guess I love all Colors!
    Great taste,

  7. WOOHOO for ugly wool! Looks great. Janice

  8. Hi Saundra,
    I knew you would come up with the perfect way to hook your rug and I just love it!!
    Yes, that wool IS UGLY at first glance, but oh how it works when you know where to use it!!! Just goes to show that you can always find a use for ugly wool and it just might end up being a star!!!!
    What is next?? Looking forward to finding that out!!!
    Hope you enjoy your day and happy hooking, my friend!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo


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