Friday, July 24, 2020

Flashback Friday

Back to Cape May I go..... guess I'm feeling the angst of not being there in September so will share a flashback from 2008.  Well, some photos anyway.

Below is a design by Lucille Festa and I still have that pattern in my stash and hope to one day hook it.
Below, a Lib Calloway design and if you enlarge the photo you can see who hooked it.
Aloysius the Lion below is a design by Emma Lou Lais.
Cat and Dog is an original design hooked by Lucille Festa.
Lori Brechlin designed Merrie Halloween and offered by Spruce Ridge Studio.
Love this rug below and not sure but think it may have something to do with that creative border.
AH HA!!!!!  Finally I can show you the original design of Speckled Hens designed by Bev Conway.  In a past post I told you my choice was to have the Hens on straw.  This is Bev's original design with the hens on huge eggs.......
And this is how I chose to hook it.
Hope you have a great weekend and stay safe.



  1. I live in a salt box house I think I should hook that rug!

  2. Love the mats!!!
    Sorry it was cancelled this Year!

  3. These rugs are all so pretty !!!!

  4. Always enjoy seeing other artists' creations. Yeah...I like the straw better.... And I, too, love that one you like....the muted colors, the border...everything... Hope your week is off to a great start. Just got home from "up north".... ~Robin (The "rich" twin...HA!!!) ~

  5. Myfaveisthe 6thrug down with the red birds. Really cool background circles.


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