Friday, July 31, 2020

Flashback Friday

I'm flashing back to August 1993 when I visited my friend in Iceland.  At that time the exchange rate was $72 ISK (króna) =$1 USD.   Since the weather first day was good we went to Thingvellir, Iceland where I saw a geyser.  I was so overcome by its beauty and experience that it brought me to tears.  Am sure only having maybe 2 ½ hours sleep in 24 hours had something to do with my emotions.
Here we are in front of the Geysir Hotel.  Notice the Icelandic spelling of Geyser.  Also we spell the country name Iceland and it is spelled Island in their country.  It is also pronounced 'eeseland' there, not Iceland.  To the left is Magnus, me (look at those old style jeans) and Katla's father.
Below left is friend Sofia Katla Leifsdottier, her father and me.  Katla's father's name is Leif therefore Katla's last name is Leifsdottier.  Katla's brother's last name is Leifson.  Interesting, eh?
Katla also took me to one of the inactive volcano sights where she said orchestras will hold events in the belly of the volcano since the acoustics are so good.  Cannot recall the  name of that particular volcano and don't ask  me how they get themselves and equipment down there.
After a very long day we arrived back in Reykjavik about 11 p.m. when it was just getting dark.  By the way, Iceland has those seasons where there is 24 hour daylight and those seasons where it is 24 hours of darkness.

Iceland has a President to run their country and in 1993 it was Vigdis Finnbogadottir.  You can tell by the surname the President was a woman.  Not sure about today but in 1993 you could drive straight up to the President's residence (Bessastadir) and had no guards or high fencing.  This photo is just a small portion of the landscape.
As Katla works in an art studio I was left on my own to venture thru the town of Reykjavik so did some shopping.  The is the corner of the street where Katla lives and I took the left there and headed toward the body of water.  Then walked the town to check out the stores.
Also ventured to the Hallgrimskirkja Church and if you look closely you will see in the foreground is a Leif Erickson statue.
I took the lift up 7 flights then climbed the 4 circular flights to the top and took pictures of the city of Reykjavik and country side.  In 1993 that lift cost 200 ISK (króna), or about $2.80 USD.   Below is the church inside.
This is a better photo of the Leif Erickson Statue.  Icelanders are very proud and protective of their Nordic history, sagas and fishing waters.  I dare say there would be hell to pay if anyone, even Icelanders attempted to topple this statue.  Such a shame a Marxist style culture has risen in America to cancel our history.
Also went to the Blue Lagoon, a hot springs which is supposed to have mineral healing properties.  It was an experience I'll never forget.
Sometime during my stay in Iceland we went to visit some of the waterfalls.  I think this is Goðafoss (foss means falls).
Katla (actually her father) has a summer home too where they go fishing.  That is Katla's friend Magnus ready to enter and we all spent a night or two there.  
Here is am leaning over the boat ramp drawing fresh water to heat up for washing dishes.  
Katla, pretty dressed in pink, standing inside the kitchen area.
Magnus brought a pop up camper so some of the group slept in there.  I was in there having a drink with the guys. On the left is Jon, me and Magnus.  
I've many more photos but figure by now you are bored anyway.  However, for me it was fun to 'flashback' to 1993 and now have those photos on my flash drive.

I might pull a few loops on my "Pride, Honor and Freedom" rug but later this afternoon will put it aside and do some binding on Bespectacled Lion so I can post a photo of it all finished.



  1. That had to be so much fun !!!!

  2. That is beautiful! Like something from an old fairytale :-)

  3. Looks like a fun journey to an unusual destination.

  4. looks like fun and it is so beautiful! lucky you

  5. Awwww....I loved this post Saundra! What a memorable excursion and adventure! I have always been curious about Iceland, but could never do the travel to get there at this point in my life...even if our world weren't upside down and one COULD travel. How did you meet Katia? Do you still keep in touch? In 1993 I was running after a 2 year old Little Crow LOL.... ~Robin~

  6. Wow! What an Experience!
    Way before Iceland became tourist destination,,,,
    Lovely Memories!

  7. Fun post! Thanks for sharing.
    Love the butt!

  8. What an awesome trip you took back then and what a beautiful country! Yes a shame that our statues are being toppled. Janice


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