Wednesday, July 1, 2020

A Lion by Any Other Name....

This is my accomplishment on the antique adaptation of a lion so far.  Not sure about the border yet so haven't continued to expand that.  Would like to see how the inside turns out and how bright or dull to make the border.  But did want to at least hook the holding lines.
Also might pull out a section in the middle left on the rug and replace, yeah a normal tweak.   

This is a rather smallish rug and drew mine 15 ½ X 24.   Each time I'd see this lion in my file always smiled and knew I had to hook him.  So now I need help with a name.  Two names I've thought about is "Gold Lion" another is "Bespectacled Lion" since he looks like he's wearing spectacles.  

In case you forgot what the original antique looked like, here it is.  The lion rug was hooked early 20th century and the original measured 26 x 40.5.  Wish my wool was as rich looking as the original but I'm "making do with what I have".  Remember that quote?  I  hooked a rug with that quote.
Wow, can't believe it is July 1st already.  Grass needed to be cut yesterday but it was so dry and crispy and knew there would be rain today so held off.  Thankfully there were a few pour downs so the grass weeds will be more resilient, not die and the dust not so bad.  

So give me your thoughts on a name for the rug:
     ~Gold Lion

     ~Bespectacled Lion



  1. I agree with Lady Locust. Bespestacled. Janice

  2. You are a hooking machine!
    I, too, vote for bespectacled :)

  3. Loving your rendition...but, yes, the wools in the original are unusually rich..... Well, I'm finally with the so-far majority: Bespectacled..... ;-) Hot and sticky in these parts....real sticky.... ~Robin~

  4. Love It! So antique,looking,,,
    Hot Here!

  5. You do great antiquing with your adaptation rugs!

  6. Hands down, bespectacled lion has my vote!

  7. Yes bespectacled lion fits. I agree with Lauren you are so fast.

  8. I'll go with bespectacled. Although in truth, those eyes make me think he's been hitting the catnip a bit too much rather than wearing spectacles.

  9. I agree ...Bespectacled !!! Happy 4th of July weekend !!!


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