Thursday, August 6, 2020

Antique Rug Show

This is my first trial using the new interface and I'm not a fan.  I didn't choose it but rather forced into it.  So here goes.  For lack of anything interesting or creative to post will fall back to my comfort of posting antique rug photos.

Only info I have on this is Clam Shell Scallop rug.  I like the colors.

With a hit and miss Center Bar and a hooked puzzle background.  Hooked  late 19th century from Virginia.

This 1810 Black Horse and Man is a book cover drawing.  It would make a make a delightful fraktur hooked rug.  I kept the photo since I love horses and the design intrigued me.

Butterflies and Flower is a tad too bland/faded for liking.  Perhaps if the colors had been different the natural fading might have been a little more appealing.

Found something very interesting in the antique rug search.  This rug is called Degree of Pocahontas.  It was hooked early 20th century and measures 27 x 48.  If you want to know more about that Order, click on the link above.

Yes, another horse rug and I find these colors more to my liking and the faded appearance than the butterfly rug.  It  measures 19 x 37.

Haven't figured out how to make less space between text and photo yet but will let it go this time.  I'm not good with change.



  1. I didn't mind it to much but it is a learning curve. Love the rugs as always.

  2. My fav is the first one. So love it when you show these amazing rugs to us. Janice

  3. Love the hit and miss mats,,,
    Some are too Busy!
    First one is great,,,,

  4. Well happy weekend Saundra! Fun rugs as always....I do love that fraktur horse....hopefully we will get to see it on your frame in the future. I also love the horse and buggy....and, hmmm, for some reason that one with the puzzle background and simple hit and miss bar center. Usually that would be too busy for me, but the colors work well to tone it down a bit. I am NOT looking forward to trying a post with the new blogger....but apparently I, too, have been switched over because everything looked different when I opened blogger to read posts...and I get a redirect thing for each blog I click on. Think I will wait to post when I get home and have access to my pc vs. just my Ipad. ~Robin~

  5. I like the way the butterflies and flowers has faded....the black horse and man is a great design and would make a beautiful rug...

  6. Wikipedia says,,, Image result for degree of pocahontas
    The Degree of Pocahontas are the female auxiliary of the Improved Order of Red Men, an American fraternal order. Despite using names based on common non-Native ideas about Native Americans, it was formed solely by and for, white women. Membership is now open to patriotic American women of every race.

    1. Yes Joanm, it makes sense that it too has evolved after many years, no surprise here. I put the link so people could read about the history of the rug and how it started.

  7. Oh, my, I do love that clam shell rug. None of the others tug at my heartstrings. But I am always a sucker for a geometric, and IMHO, this one qualifies.


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