Monday, August 3, 2020

Found the Name

You followers know I was struggling on a name for this wonderful patriotic antique adaptation.  Just now it came to me ~ Pride, Honor, Freedom.  

The words hit me while placing the rug on the floor to take a photo.  There was no doubt the first word would be Pride since I truly am proud of our United States of is an Honor to live in a country which has the Freedom we so preciously embrace.  

That freedom isn't free because many men and women have died serving in the military to protect and keep our country FREE from foreign threats and our men and women in the Police and Homeland Security in the US from internal threats.  God Bless America!

Such a shame some folks don't share the same sentiment and would prefer to riot, burn and harm police officers.  And if they don't like living here they should move somewhere else and see how life is there. 
This original design was huge but drew mine out to a comfortable hooking size (for me) of 16 x 35.

The hurricane is getting closer and I'm as prepared as can be.  Even my ex emailed asking if I was prepared for this.  I responded and thanked him for thinking of me.   I've working flashlights, have solar lights, candles, water, food and hope the wind doesn't push over more trees as in the past.  Particularly the one behind the bedroom which would cross right over my bed.  

Thought I'd better make this post just in case I've no electricity tomorrow.

Thanks to all of you who follow me and have purchased patterns recently.



  1. Good name, good thoughts. It is coming along just great. Stay safe in the storm we are suppose to get some of it Tuesday night into wed.

  2. Oooo...stay safe girlfriend...and maybe sleep in another room??? And, yes, as Lady Locust said....make sure you have wine for crying out loud!!! The closest I have been to a hurricane is in a a sky....circling....and way, way, too close....and finally turned back. One of the longest 24 hrs of my life. Please stay safe.... You're making grand progress on Pride, Honor and Freedom...and a very fitting name. Well, time to refill MY wine and maybe pull a few loops. I think I am as caught up as I am gonna get for one night on blogger.... Will be thinking of you! ~Robin~

  3. Yikes,,,,,Hope UR well,,,,SAUNDRA!,
    SCAREY stuff,,,,
    Love UR Mat,,Great name,,,
    Love the Colors,,,,love red!!!!

  4. Perfect name for your rug. Already half done!!! WOWZA.
    Be safe.

  5. Keep safe & Happy Hooking .....Just starting to get windy & raining here .


  6. great name and wonderful sentiments...agreed. Stay safe during this storm.but hope it passes you.

  7. Hope you stay safe. Yes I agree with you..if you do not like our country. move. LKove the name you picked. So fitting. Janice


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