Saturday, August 22, 2020

Follow-Up From Thursday's Post

In case you're wondering what my hooked rugs of those shown on Thursday's post looks like, here are the ones I've hooked ~ Cats Meow.
This is the photo where I first saw the rug where it was on a log cabin wall.  Later learned who the owner was and contacted her.  Although ownership an antique rug does not qualify as copyright, thought it would be nice to get her approval.
I've hooked two E.S. Frost sheep, this one and one with scrolls.  Mine was hooked with the penny circles, like the original but I sure do like how Melinda Cole hooked hers (scroll down to next post to see).
Below is the original Frost rug with fringe.
The newly discovered Magdalena Goat I did hook twice.  The first one hooked as close to Magdalena's original as possible using what I have.
Then thought maybe showing another color palate might make the pattern more interesting to folks so  hooked a smaller size in a different color.
And here is the original Magdalena Goat.  
In Evelyn Lawrence's booklet Magdalena Briner Eby, she mentions a rug dealer recalling several rugs with goats in addition to the one on The Farm rug.  And finally January 17, 2017 I happened upon it listed on an auction site and immediately sent Evelyn a link.  Evelyn then contacted the auction house.   It was fun watching the price increase after the first jump when someone else recognized its importance.  It was so much fun to be a part of that new Magdalena discovery.  Here is Evelyn's book and you can order your copy HERE.
The only other rug on the previous post I hooked is Cherries and Candy Stripe.  As soon as I saw the original knew it must go on my frame....and so it did.
Here is a photo of the original antique; you can see I decided not to use a yellow aged wool in the stripe.
There is a new rug on my frame (tease) and a rug which needs binding.  You will see the reveals one at a time later.



  1. Your rugs are Beautiful !!!!

  2. It is always nice to see your rugs. I can't wait to see what is next.

  3. So love seeing how others interpret a rug design. Janice

  4. Nice to see the same rugs hooked by different People!
    Love these Mats!
    The hit and miss using up wools,,,,

  5. Beautiful rugs do such a great job of replicating the original antique's "feel" and character....especially the goat I think. The sheep is still my favorite (really love Lisa Halverson's version)....and for some reason, I am really drawn to the cherries and candy stripe rug, although it would generally not be my style or color scheme. But it is so very enchanting.... ~Robin~

  6. Your rugs are beautiful & thank you for sharing their history. So much to learn with this craft!

  7. Hi, I love Cats Meow. Is it available as a pattern?? Melinda Cole

  8. Have always really loved that cherries and stripes rug.


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