Sunday, August 9, 2020

Pondering the Next One

Soon I'll want a new pattern on my frame since my current project is two-thirds finished.  Seems deciding what to hook is a constant struggle for me as there are so many on my 'to hook' list.   Often my mind might change even before the chosen one makes it on the Snapdragon.  

Recently Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) tempted me with her new project.  It is a paper pattern called "Jacks's Crow" offered by Winter Cottage Studio.  Of course I had to buy it and it is waiting for me.

A pattern which has been 'the next one' numerous times is this Over the Moon design by Spruce Ridge Studios.  The pattern and all the wool has been patiently waiting since last November.  And it has been kept on the side lines several times now.

Also vying to be the next one, or the one after, is Old Tom.  I also have the pattern and the wool.  Even grabbed a piece of wool out of Kris' hands which she used in hooking hers.

Then there is a Karen Kahle paper pattern which I've had for years and each Christmas season when I see other people hooking it I want to start mine.

A new and original design was in the making months ago which I would call "Gentleman Farmer" which still hasn't made it onto linen.  There's nothing really to show except sketches so this might also be put on the back burner once again.

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  1. Oh Saundra ....these are all great !!! Think you need to do Ennie Meanie Miny Mo !!!

  2. Great patterns , I need to get my hook back out

  3. Well, one thing I can tell ya: You can't make a bad choice LOL. I also bought Jack's Crow....Lauren can be such a temptress. ;-) I have always wanted to do a Christmas rug (I mean something larger than a mat)....and Cathy has one that has been on my drool list for a long t ime....but it is HUGE. I also have one from Lori Rippey....but that one is large as well....and just the thought of getting it on linen makes me say "nah".... Besides, I usually don't get the "urge" to do a seasonal rug until the "season" is upon me and there is no way of finishing it LOL. Good luck choosing! ~Robin~

  4. I've hooked Old Tom and also have had the Karen Kahle Santa for many years.
    I looked forward to seeing your version of Jack :)

  5. I so love the Winter designs...however I dont have time to even think of doing one of those right now. I really want to finish my animal one for now. What ever you choose will be awesome. Janice

  6. So many great choices. Look forward to seeing your projects.

  7. Love them all ,too,!
    Hard to choose!
    A winter one sounds good about now,,,Too hot Again!,
    And would be finished in time for cold weather!

  8. They are all so lovely ~ a hard decision to be sure :).

    Enjoy the day, doreen

  9. Decisions, decisions. They are all small, just hook all of


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