Thursday, August 27, 2020

Marching to My Own Drum

I fell in love with a rug Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) posted on her blog HERE and knew it had to be on my frame next.  If you are interested in buying the paper pattern click this link: Jack's Crow.  

Yet, I'm marching to my own drum....first of all I'm using mostly all the ugly grey thin wool, using worms for the pumpkin head and star out of character and a blue moon.  

Not only that but am using strips of wool with a blue stripe saved since working on a Polly Minick patriotic rug.  It was a cream and blue windowpane design and saved the wool with the blue line.  I'd always wanted to use that for a white striped jeans pants for a boy.  Finally that has come to fruition.  
After the rug is all hooked I might give the pants a spray of walnut dye to tone it down.  But what I'm seeing here doesn't seem to need it.  Must say this has been a slow and relaxing muss, no fuss.  Which is what I needed after the last storm and preparing for the remnants of Laura over the weekend.

My fish pond pump still needs to be replaced (waiting on my son), the ceiling fan and replacement TV need to be set up by my son but the fish pond is my concern before the water becomes stagnant.  But he has a wife and son so they are his priority.  Push come to shove I can always hire someone.  HA, so guess husbands are good for something....IF they stick around.

Hope everyone stays save during this summer season's last hurrah of devastation from Laura. 



  1. Dear God, are already half done with Jack. Mine is still waiting for binding. I can't decide how I want to finish it.
    I hope your son finds time to help soon.
    Your comment about husbands cracked me up :)

  2. I like those stripy pants 😁. What a perfect rug for the season. Should be finished in plenty of time to put out for autumn.

  3. Love this sweet mat!!!
    Fun start,,,
    Had to laugh about husbands,,,,
    Thanks for that,,,,,

  4. Love the wools you are using for this cute rug ! His pants are great !
    Sorry you are waiting to get all your things repaired & running again ....Oh those Honey-Do lists !!!
    Hope you don't get a lot of rain again .....just enjoy hooking this Fun Rug !!!

  5. Hi Saundra,
    I also have this pattern and just love it, too!!! Nice to see you adding all your special touches!! I LOVE the wool you used for his pants!!!! Hope you can get all those things taken care of and fixed soon!! It can be so hard to wait for things! Our dishwasher took a month to get fixed and Jeff is so happy now as he is the dishwasher here!!! Hope you have a great weekend!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  6. What a fun hooking project. Really like the blue striped pants too! Janice

  7. Once in a "blue moon" (get it? ha ha), I am in agreement with everyone...loving the striped overalls.... Hope you get the pond pump fixed soon. Seems like moms can move down the priority list quite quickly LOL. And husbands?? leave it at that. ;-) ~Robin~

  8. Your Jack is really cute. Guess I need to get this pattern. Sorry you have to wait on your repairs. My dryer died this week and am hoping the repair man shows up Monday. And more importantly that it will be a reasonable $ fix.

  9. love your jack-- i had to do this one, just finished. the original one by Terri set the bar really high for the background colors, so i just went with what i had. That little rectangle in the corner threw me off, so i made it into a little pumpkin patch. It helped to balance out the color from jack's head too.


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