Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Close To the Finish Line

While I am looking forward to finishing this antique adaptation I named Pride, Honor, Freedom am certainly not looking forward to what MUST be done before starting a next project.  This one is more than two-thirds hooked so is very close to the finish line.

My wool room looks as tho a tornado went thru the room.  Normally when attending scheduled rug camps I'd clean the room and organize before going to the next one.  Well......we all know what happened to our rug camps ~ ~ CANCELLED do to COVID.

The next scheduled camp for me is November with Bev Conway and still haven't heard anything yet.   Must say I'm glad I didn't make arrangements for the Ferry to Cape May for the September Cape May camp and get a cancellation charge.

BUT, guess those are low on the 'threat level' of living in today's society.  So very happy I don't live in or near a city now.  



  1. Wow...you are coming close to the finish line on this one. I think you've captured the antique look wonderfully. I'm still plugging away at The Beast and not even allowing myself to think about Life After The Beast. Hope your week is off to a good start.... ~Robin~

  2. You are very close to being done. I had one class with Because Conway once and I loved her style. Who knows maybe you will get lucky and go.

  3. Wow you’ve done this justice! It’s fun to see the progress. I too had Bev years ago in Ligonier Pa. Fantastic and fun!! Fingers crossed

  4. Your mat almost There!
    Wow,,,Fast! Looks Great! Hope things improve so u can go to camp,,

  5. Looking good !!! Really hope you can go to rug camp in November !!!! Would just feel so good to be around fellow hookers having fun !!!

  6. This one is a great addition to your patriotic decor. I just finished cleaning my hooking space....I thought. And then I spied a large tote of fabric left over from a February workshop. Good grief. Afraid it will just have to wait.

  7. Amazing Achievements, i really want to join and experience a rug camp i want to learn and enhance more on making some rugs. sadly due to this covid 19 pandemic it was cancelled, i hope i can be good as you making rugs.


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