Monday, August 17, 2020

Two Newly Discovered Molly Nye Tobey Rugs

At least they are new discoveries to me.  I made a previous post about Molly Nye Tobey rugs HERE.  Then sometime later received a very nice email from Tom Tobey saying she was his grandmother.  He said he and his sisters had a collection of her rugs which were not among those previously shown.

This morning I received a photo of two rugs which Tom owns and were hooked for him as a kid.  This one is of Carousel  Horses.

This Sailboat and Automobiles hooked rug was made from a childhood drawing by Tom.  Tom said both of these rugs were hooked about 1965-1966.
What wonderful heirlooms and fond memories of his grandmother.  I was given permission to share these.  Tom has other siblings who also own rugs by Molly Nye Tobey and am hoping they will take photos of them so I can share them with you too.

My issues still aren't over.  The one cgfi keeps wanting to trip and have a couple other rooms which still don't have electricity but may be connected to that cgfi.  But I did buy 4 phones and ceiling fan.  The fan needs to be installed by my son and need to purchase a small TV to replace the one which died.  
My fishpond pump may be dead too but perhaps that is connected to the gcfi which keeps tripping.   

Honestly, I've got ptsd from this ~ went to the farmer's market to buy tomatoes and a woman dropped her phone on the table and I jumped out of my skin.  Another shopper had her small pup with her and it had a piercing bark and I jumped.  Hope my nerves calm down soon.



  1. As much as I love the work of Barbara Merry...the hooked rugs of Molly Tobey are my favorite. She was incredibly prolific.
    Cheers to both Barbara and Molly!
    However there were others of that era who were just as incredible...especially Stella Hay Rex, Alice Beatty, Marie Stokes to name just a few.
    Thanks for the pictures.
    There is a great deal of rich history regarding this craft...

  2. Another who hasn't gotten too much attention but deserves it was Charlotte Stratton. The reason that Pearl McGowan even had a chance was due to Charlotte. Only problem was that she had an affair with Pearls husband. That ended their business and personal relationship.

  3. Love these Mats!
    So much character,,,
    Hope UR nerves get better and things get sorted,,,

  4. The rug of the childhood drawing is just too sweet!!!
    A real treasure :)

  5. Hi Saundra,
    Hope things continue to improve and get straightened out!! The rugs are wonderful and so nice you could get the pictures to share with us!! Hope your nerves get calmed down soon!! Take care and enjoy your week my friend!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  6. you really got hit hopefully it will get all sorted out. I love the rug of the boat. I have a drawing of B's I need to do soon.

  7. Awww...the second rug tugs at my heart.... I have to confess I am not familiar with her work, so thanks for the education. I am impressed that her descendants cared enough to keep her work. I know I am not an artist/designer....I just hook others' patterns generally....but they will be sold as a part of a general estate "clean out" when I pass I know. Sigh. Hope you get your "cgfi"'s straightened out soon...I'd be unnerved too. ~Robin~


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