Thursday, August 13, 2020

Fireball, Pops and Smoke

Am doing this post on my iPad out of necessity.  A thunderstorm rolled busted thru this area yesterday afternoon.  Was sitting in my normal spot  hooking, looked out the window at the rain.  All of a sudden I saw a ball of fire outside, the worse and loudest thunder I’ve ever heard in my life and saw a flame come upward from the fire logs.

I got up and was walking thru the kitchen when an electrical wall unit popped with a flash and smoke. Now if that isn’t a come to Jesus moment I don’t know what is.  Didn’t smell rotten eggs (propane leak odor) thankfully, my propane tank wasn’t aflame, but could smell smoke.  Looked In the garage and it was smoke filled.

My heart was landline, no computer or TV.  Uh also no A/C.  And no, I don’t have a smart phone, just a flip phone which has no reception in the woods.   It do have this trusty iPad so texted my son the trouble.  He was on his way immediately.

The house was hit by lightening which fried 2 of the circuit breakers.    My son tried to reset them but they buzzed and he stopped.  Obviously I didn’t sleep as my brain wouldn’t shut off.  When I did doze off I had a horrible nightmare and have been awake since 3 a.m.

Today’s agenda will to get an electrician to fix the electrical situation and then will find out little by little if my TV, computer and heat pump got fried during the storm.  And on mother nature’s schedule is another thunderstorm today AND tomorrow.

Robin, I downloaded Google and opened up my blog on it but for some reason it didn't provide a New Post opportunity.  So no pictures this time but could do a blogpost to let everyone know I’m here and not doing much hooking.



  1. Oh my! Glad you are OK! I hope the electricals get fixed quickly too!

  2. What a mess, but thankfully wasn't worse! Hopefully things are not fried.
    Good luck to you!

  3. Yes...good luck!
    We have a home on an island in Maine out on a point. We put up a pole to absorb the electrical hits. It was a serious necessity...we had been hit as well before. Fire damage many yrs ago but not extensive. have our sympathy on your current plight.
    This haa indeed been a strange summer.

  4. Oh my gosh Saundra how scary that had to be !!!! Thank goodness you are ok and you home is ok ..... good luck with everything and hope the damage wasn't too extensive . Just another kick in this crazy year of 2020 !!!!

  5. 🙏 hope things get repaired quickly. I bet your heart rate was going 100 miles an hour for a long time.

  6. We know how scary that is we were hit when we first moved here. I am so sorry it happened and it will be expensive and hopefully your insurance will kick in. You are like we are no phone when the power goes out and yes I have a smart phone makes no difference.

  7. Is it 2021 yet??? Holy Smokes!! (No pun seriously intended) Scary stuff that. I told you I hate lightening...and tornados....and high winds. I guess it could have been worse, but that doesn't necessarily make ya feel better I know. Fingers crossed that the electronics survived. (Will message you a photo of my Chrome Blogger screen to see if we're even close to being on the same page LOL). Glad you are ok.... ~Robin~

  8. Really hope it isn’t an expensive fix— thank goodness you are safe!

  9. Wow,,,,,,Gosh that's scarey!!!I would have been the same,,,,,Not sleeping!!
    Hope things get repaired,,,,,for you and back to normal!,

  10. How scary!! Thank goodness your house didn't burn down. And thank goodness for the ability to contact a son close by. Praying everything will be okay for you.

  11. WOW so glad you are safe. That is a scary situation. I hate storms. Janice

  12. Hi Saundra,
    Oh my goodness!!!! I have been down a rabbit hole for a while so have not been doing any blog reading till today!!!! I am SO SORRY this happened and can TRULY EMPATHIZE with you about the lightening!!! We had two very tall palm trees right in front of your house and one was struck by lightening and jumped to the other and killed them both!! The BOOM that sounded when it hit was so deafening, it sounded like a BOMB and I actually screamed and Jeff and I both ducked as we were sure our house was hit!!! One of our neighbors saw this HUGE FIREBALL that torched the one tree and there were palm branches and bark debris all over the yard, road, and driveway!! There was a strong smell of burning wood and a huge jagged mark going down the tree that looked like a lightening bolt!! We truly believe those trees protected our house as they were taller and were right next to it!!! Of course they had to be removed, but BOY what an experience!! YOURS is SO MUCH MORE TRAUMATIC and I am so so sorry it happened!! Am hoping things are better now and I certainly pray it will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!!! Now I will try to do some catch up and see what you have been hooking! I have not picked up my hook since my Homestead rug but hope to once the weather cools off!! It has been AN OVEN here in AZ and I have been busy with so many other projects getting ready for fall!!! Take care and stay safe!!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo


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