Wednesday, August 26, 2020

National DOG Day

I miss having a dog for company, someone to hug, someone to talk to and yes, make me get up and walk him/her.  Since there isn't a companion here to share a photo of now, will share pictures of my departed fur babies from the past.

This is Shumba, our first Rottweiler pup at about 8 weeks.  We purchased her from a local breeder who also shows their dogs.  Her chew toy is almost as big as she is.
And here she is about 2 years old and a mother of 8.  We had her hips OFA certified to ensure healthy pups and to show potential buyers the k-9 parents' hips were certified.  Our intentions were to breed her once and have her neutered.  We were not going to ruin her health by over breeding.
Shumba was a fantastic mother.  Bruce built her a whelping pen and it was in our living room so we could watch over the group.  No way did mom want that.  She wanted to care for her brood in the basement out of the prying eyes of others.  So we made a place for her down there.

We sold 7 pups and kept one, a boy named Panzer.  He was a silly, funny dog who made me laugh all the time.  When loose in the park area behind the ball field if there was no ball to play with and they got tired chasing one another Panzer would pluck a wild flower and tease his mother with it.  Once his endeavor got him a bee sting on the nose....poor baby.
After Shumba passed we adopted Shadow from a local vet.  She was supposed to be half pure bred Rottie and pure bred German Shepherd.  Here is Shadow at 10 weeks ~ she sure looks like a Rottie doesn't she?
Then she grew up, 😏 and her behavior was 100% German Shepherd.  Her behavior changed faster than her appearance which was that of a Shepherd.
We had both Panzer and Shadow together.  As rotties are more relaxed than hyperactive  Shepherds, the elder Panzer had no patience for Shadow.  After my precious Panzer died it was me and Shadow.

Shadow was a loving dog and full of energy which Shepherds are known for.  Sadly I lost her too and she is also missed.
One day I received a phone call from the same vet from whom we adopted Shadow, asking if I was still looking for a Rottie.  Heck yeah!!!!!  In comes my boy Ben.  He was 6 years 7 months old when I adopted him.
Ben was a very affectionate and protective dog.  He was my warning system whenever anyone came into the yard.  He loved my grandson too and let folks know if they were being too rough with him or me.  Ben would growl and jump up but not bite.  And I  miss my big boy Ben a lot.

When I hear of new pets up for adoption at the local shelter I consider inquiring.  But in reality know that at my age it probably isn't wise.  Besides, I'd want another Rottweiler or Pittie and if rug camps ever begin again would have to put them in a kennel.  Not only do I NOT like putting dogs in a kennel, but most kennels don't take those breeds in.

Be kind to your beloved dogs and I do promote adoption over buying from breeders.



  1. Good afternoon, how are you? I'm Brazilian I'm looking for new followers for my blog. And I will follow yours with pleasure, my share of followers is after the translator with flags, new friends are also welcome, no matter the distance.

  2. All of your fur babies look beautiful ! It is hard to be without a fur baby to come home to & be by your side. It is even harder to leave them behind if you go away & they can't be with you . I know exactly how you feel .
    Thankfully you have your beautiful hooked rugs of your special loves. I will give my pup extra belly rubs tonight thinking of you !

  3. Such a sweet trip down memory lane. Such beautiful furbabies.

  4. Sweet memories,,,,we🏟sure have had a lot of dogs,,,,and now Kitkats in our lives,,,
    Love them so much,,,,,,

  5. Awwww....what a beautiful tribute to your beautiful pups. I love Shadow's face....probably because it reminds me of a shepherd....Growing up, we always had German Shepherds....but none of ours were hyper.... Hmmmmm.... Anyways, I totally forgot to post anything about Snowdog. I know what you say about missing the companionship....I will be lost when his time comes....but I will not get another dog. You are right, it is so difficult to leave them, and I never kennel them. ~Robin~

  6. I didn't realize you didn't have Ben from puppyhood. Sure is a handsome fellow. Our trusty K9 companion was adopted - supposed to be pitty cross (nope.) Most likely boxer/ridgeback but a darn good mutt who is now 6 1/2 years old and currently asleep on his bed here at the shop.

  7. I had a rottie once too. He loved water! Now we have Tundra our Samoyed. Janice


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