Thursday, September 10, 2020

This And That

Just recently printed out and stitched 6 rug labels on previously hooked projects.  Since I don't want to waste fabric pages always wait until there are 6 labels to print.  Here they are:  

In case the print is too small or the pattern name escapes you, they are, beginning at 12 O'clock an antique adaptation I named Bespectacled Lion, Early Bird design (sold by Spruce Ridge), another antique adaptation Lone Flower.  At the 6 O'clock is the recently hooked and bound antique adaptation I named Pride, Glory, Freedom, then is Windy Day by W. Cushing,  and another adaptation of the ever faithful  Cats Paw

Still not bound and no label yet is for Jack's Crow.  And think I know what my next project will be.  Today I received a new pattern fresh off the drawing board from both Lori Brechlin and Kris Miller (Spruce Ridge Studios).

I chose the smaller size and hopefully will be ready to celebrate next month.  Must say that Kris Miller draws out a PERFECT pattern.  When I buy a pattern from anyone, before hooking I always check the exterior drawn lines to be sure they are straight of grain.  I have never ever found even one row off in Kris' patterns.  So gave up checking as there's no need for any correction at anytime ~ she's dang good at what she does.   

Forgive me for not having links but this #!&+?} new blogger interface just kicked in for real and have no idea how to do much of anything anymore.  Good luck when you do your next post and have fun figuring it out.



  1. I have yet to do a label....ever. I know...I know....wish I had, but didn't and haven't. And SQUEAL!!!!!! I absolutely ADORE that new design you've decided to hook!! Can't wait to watch this project unfurl!! If you haven't figured it out yet, I am a Halloween NUT and a purveyor of all things witchy. Good to know that about Kris's patterns....Cathy's are the I assumed they all were....until I learned the hard way on a couple of non-Cathy patterns. Eeek....that scroll one nearly did me in. Might not have been so bad if I hadn't been away from hooking for so long and so was trying to pay attention to too many things at once and didn't take enough note of "those issues".... Anywho..... Hope I am wiser next time around. ;-) ~Robin~

  2. Wow! You are productive. Cats paw - that was it. Love that one. Looks like pebbles on a beach 🏖 and a beach and a drink with an umbrella in it sounds pretty good these days 😁

  3. Wow,,,,,You are so productive!!!more so these days!!good for you,,,,Glad u posted the next one!!! I have done that as a punch needle embroidery!!it was the first needle club of the month I got from lori ,,,,and my favorite,,,,must get it out with all my other fall decorations,,,,love it!!thanks for the reminder!!!

  4. ohh nice pattern! I have not figured out how to do a link in the new blogger either.
    I have a couple of rugs that need lables Need to get on that.

  5. Love your labels ....most of my hooked pieces aren't labeled ...I need to do that !!! Especially this years Covid projects !
    I also did Lori's neat Oct #1st punch needle , but would love to hook the smaller size you have too . Can't wait to see yours !!!

  6. This new pattern looks wonderful. I hate this new Blogger too. Janice

  7. Congrats on keeping up with labeling your rugs. I learned my lesson...thankfully I could search my blog to find out when I hooked a piece. If not for the blog, I would barely have a clue.

  8. Love Lori’s designs and Kris’s patterns as well. This one is really cute.


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