Sunday, September 26, 2021

Adventures of Cape May Rug Camp

There were three teachers this week instead of the usual four.  Teachers included Bev Conway (my class), Lucille Festa and Capri Boyle Jones.  Diane Stoffel dropped  out, don't know the circumstances, but that meant there were 17 people in our class.  Capri had 15 students and Lucille 14; their classes were held in the dining hall.

We were in the dungeon and thankfully the only class there so we had room.  FYI, it is named 'the dungeon' as it is a dark room when cloudy outside and lights are usually mandatory to see your colors.

There were lots of rugs in the show and you will notice blue labels and white labels on the rugs.  The white label indicates it is a Norma Batastini pattern and will have the name of the hooker on it as well as the name of the design.  It was quite a task to resize the photos and name them for easy identification and to provide you with information.  

I'm picking the rugs in alphabetical order as saved on my flash drive. Up first are two designs by Norma Batastini; the first one is hooked by Kathleen Bauer and the fish by Lea McCrone. 
American Buffalo hooked by Nancy Shaffer.
Next is a design sold by Spruce Ridge and hooked by Deb Nees all ready for her daughter's nuptials July 30, 2022.
A design by and hooked by Lucille Festa.
Antique Rooster was hooked by April Leas, it was fun to finally meet someone whose name I see often on Facebook.
Barnyard was hooked by a classmate Janet Goodman.
Bee Skeps hooked by Katie Kriner of The Bee and the Bear.
Betty Ann Brittingham hooked The Big Whale rug.
Blue Bird Pillow by Katie Kriner.
Bugs in the Garden hooked by Nancy Shaffer.
Marsha Moyer-Payne hooked the Chicken antique adaptation.
A grouping of Christmas and winter rugs.
This is Deb hooking in an almost empty classroom with her N-95 mask and after being vaccinated.  She wanted to be extremely careful about not getting Covid since she is taking care of her daughter's infant child when she sees the doctor for her 6 week check up....tomorrow (Monday).
Down Peacock Lane hooked by Magbis Vizcaino-Green.
Top rug below is Eagle Welcome and below that is a Magdalena Briner Eby design called Lititz Hens.
A Norma Batastini design named Fish Mola.
I've managed to go thru the F's so will save some rugs for another show.  Believe me there are many more rug photos and also some in the throwdown.



  1. Wow ! Just Beautiful rugs !!!! Wonderful patterns !!!

  2. Love the picture show and all the eye candy... must of been grand flyin' the coup and enjoying the NJ camp with fellow hookers!

  3. Wonderful rugs! 17 is a big class!

  4. Great rug show..... So many different styles. My favorite is Down Peacock Lane...and that one by Lucille Festa. ~Robin~

  5. You had quite a large class. You did a great job with the photography. I know it's not always easy taking pictures of rugs.

    I think my favorite is barnyard by Janet Goodman. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. Lititz Hens and Lucille Festa’s rugs sing to me. We’re double vaccinated here and still wearing our N95’s indoors. Kudos to Deb for braving the camp

  7. Hi Saundra! Loved being in class with you! We skipped out after lunch to beat the rain. Did you do a presentation of the card? Hope we didn’t miss a PERFORMANCE! Thanks for being the photographer!

  8. Great show!!! You put a LOT of work in to cropping those pics and making notes as to who hooked them. Looking forward to more ;-)

  9. Thanks you for all the work you have gone through so that we in the middle of no where may enjoy the beautiful rugs! My favorite is the blue bird pillow. Colleen

  10. Great mats,,,,,wow,,,alot of variety,,,,
    Look forward to seeing UR Mat,,,,

  11. Wonderful rugs. So glad you had a nice time! Janice

  12. A nice group of rugs. Barnyard is my favorite of the group.

  13. Saundra thanks for posting the rugs!! They were so impressive in person!!


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