Tuesday, July 12, 2022


As much as it pained me to take Cottage and Apple Tree off my frame I forced  myself to pull a few more loops on the Mary Comstock rug.  Therefore I totally empathize with Robin (Cranky Crow) and her Welcome Cats angst.  Said it before and will say again....wish I'd drawn this out myself.  Yet I'm determined to finish the pattern so guess it will remain my plus one even when I'm hooking the next rug after Cottage and maybe even the next rug after that.  
You can see the red lines where I've changed some of the elements to be more like the shape of the original.  Then got frustrated and decided to put the sweet Cottage back on the frame and became a happy hooker again.  

Surely there are tasks outside which could/should be accomplished, but it is hot and humid and I'm not feeling it today.  Didn't sleep well last night as my brain wouldn't shut off.  Now time to pull a few loops.

Happy hooking.



  1. So sorry you are so frustrated with that rug. It looks like rain here any minute I was headed off on my long walk, but I do not want to get wet. I hate when I can not sleep enjoy your other rug.

  2. Too bad this pattern is driving you crazy ...I do like your red line changes .
    Those sleepless nights are awful ..... hope you get a good night sleep tonight . Hot & Humid here too with a chance of rain & storms ....we really need a good soaking rain .

  3. I hate when the brain won't shut off...and it is happening often with Sauder looming on the horizon.
    I think Mary is looking good, and no one but you knows it is drawn wrong.

  4. Good for u foraging on,,,,,!!!
    Always good for a change!,!!

  5. I think Mary is looking great... I have the Kopp book with the photo of the original in it, but do not remember the details so much that I can tell yours varies from it...but, yeah...I totally "get" it. I think I'm close to being 3/4ths of the way through Cats and have given up finally. Whatever it is, it will be "mine." Hope you get some sleep tonight. ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  6. Well I do like your progress but do understand when its not in your heart to do something. Janice

  7. Mary's colors are very soothing. Too bad you aren't enjoying her. I say hook and stitch whatever makes you happy.

  8. I love that you "fix" patterns. I finally came to the point that there are very few patterns I purchase (quilting not rugs). When I use a pattern, I have to change it so I might as well just do it myself anyways. I've not slept the past 2 nights but we have the AC on which drives my crazy but Hubby needs it.


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