Thursday, July 14, 2022


You knew there would be another vintage rug show about now so let's get right to it shall we?  

A nice Bird and Floral rug measuring 28.5 x 40 and said to be hooked late 19th century.  If you look closely there's a slight color change in the background and yes there is also the dark coloration as well.  
Magdalena's rug Dog and Crows rug sold for $20,315 November 2021.  It is circa 1885 and the original measured 36 x 48.5. Wow, wonder what she would have to say about her 'rag rugs' bringing in that much money from collectors.
I also hooked Dog and Crows but took creative license on the dog's ear.  It just looked like the poor pup had a slice out of the head.  Am sure Magdalena was trying to suggest that as an ear so I made it just a light outline.
Nice primitive rug design and colors below.  I've lots of selvages saved to do a geometric and just might do something like this of these days.  No date nor dimensions were provided.  
Dog and flowers measures 32 x 54 and said to be hooked around 1920.  It isn't my favorite but saved for those who may like it.  Maybe if different colors were used for the flowers and background color I'd love it.  
Am wondering if this rug below is a Pennsylvania Dutch design.  Hands plus (+)  heart shaped flowers was hooked late 19 early 20th century and measures 37 x 47.  Are those HEX signs or representing the four seasons?
I love this Lion Welcome rug and have had the photo for a while in hopes of discovering the date and size.  This one has also been on my list to hook one day.   Too many rugs and not enough time.
And now for you feline lovers.  Cat with tongue border is from the Textile Museum of Canada.  Do you think this a domestic or exotic cat?
Hot as hades here folks AND humid.  So I'll be staying in and hooking in the A/C.  Will ride my bike to get the mail instead of walking the round trip mile.

Happy hooking.



  1. Love the Lion Welcome design too ! I would change the Lions to dogs though !
    Love the border on the last one , looks like an exotic cat to me !
    Hot here too , the weeds are just loving this weather !

  2. Wow on the price that the Magdalena rug sold for. Someone must be a serious collector. I like the geometric. I hooked a chair cover in almost the same pattern. That cat might have been a Tabby cat. I don't know much about cats but I've had some over the years and they were all stray cats.
    Humid here too today but cool in the house. I've got two dehumidifiers going in the basement and have to empty them twice a day.


  3. Always love your rug shows and wow on that rug!

  4. What a treat to see these rugs. Youzers on the Magdalena rug. Too expensive for my blood, but am sure collectors do not see it that way...especially those with money. Janice

  5. Oh they are all wonderful of course. That Penn Dutch one is sure intriguing! I'm off to see what else you've been up to :-)

  6. Wow!!!great that rug sold at such great price,,,
    Love the mats,,,,

  7. Oooo...that cat rug is so cool. I think it's exotic domestic cat. How's that for a lawyerly answer.... 🤣 ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  8. Another great showing of the old rugs. Of course my favorite is your Dog and Crow. Could that sweet doggie be my Millie? :~) But, the first rug, the bird and floral is oh so wonderful. I have been looking back at some of your earlier posts and enjoyed them so much. How I would like to have time to read this entire blog.


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